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{November 17, 2013}   Sick Again

You read that correctly! This is a repeat of one year ago when I got sick in September and then got sick all over again in October or November. After being over the last cold for a couple weeks of decent health, something hit again.

kleenexI’m just going to keep using this same graphic every time.

This time it’s different – Sore/scratchy throat, mild cough, headache, and on Friday there was muscle soreness. This weekend I’ve been resting mostly so the only symptom I’ve noticed is the occasional cough and regular irritated throat.

I’m super stubborn so I kept wanting to go play racquetball but Mike was looking out for me and kept saying no. I’m still feeling stubborn today and really want to get in a little bit of Zumba. Something! I have the energy despite the symptoms. Will it really make things worse?


The stress from the week has lessened. Students did their student led conferences which were very enjoyable for me. It’s fun to listen to students talk about their learning to their parents, show some of the classwork that helped them achieve that learning, and connect it to their future goals in and out of school.


This week there will probably not be much to report besides whether or not I’ll be doing normal workouts and how this illness progresses. I’ll keep you posted!

*How many times have you been sick this school year? 

*If symptoms are mild and the energy is there, should I exercise?


I had acute bronchitis and sinusitis at the beginning of this year..so bleurgh hope you feel better!

Yuck, both of those things are terrible! Bronchitis especially. Strep is another one I can think of that’s hard to deal with because of the severe throat pain.

j!b says:

I think this is the 2nd time I’ve been sick this year. Still not 100% and I have some energy so I’m really itching to go to crossfit tomorrow although my husband will insist I not go and rather rest. That is so hard to do! I say exercise but I don’t think that’s the right answer. Hope you feel better soon.

I did a short Zumba session which felt pretty good. Any longer than 30 minutes and I think I would have been toast, though. Unfortunately my cough has gotten worse over the course of the evening. Hopefully that will clear up by work tomorrow! Yeah right. lol

I know I always ask but I never remember the answer. Are you taking a multi-vitamin? I hardly ever get sick anymore since I started….

Yep. I’ve been taking women’s one a day for a couple years now.

Hmmmmmm it’s a tough one. Technically you can continue to work out in some capacity, but if you are sick a lot, or you haven’t had a break from fitness in a while (e.g. working out continously for 2-3 months) then I would suggest a whole week off (illness or not).
If you’re more exhausted than usual, tone it down a bit.

Hope you’re feeling better now!

Cassy says:

Oh no! =( Hugs! I am so sorry… School systems really know how to pass along the germs. I have really been lucky this year!

I thought I was doing everything to prevent it but in the end I think I’m wasting my money. It’s inevitable being around so many people!

Cassy says:

haha yeah… your body can only do so much =(

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