Leanne Nalani

{November 19, 2013}   Still Sick and Divergent Trailer

I’m getting worse as the week wears on (oh wait, it’s only Tuesday?!), but of course that’s because work is hard and stressful which doesn’t do a body good.

Last night I coughed for probably an hour around 1am. I actually removed myself to a different room because the coughing didn’t want to stop and I didn’t want to keep Mike awake. Once it calmed down I returned to bed and attempted to get back to sleep. It was not a good night.

I’m still trying to exercise but keep the intensity lighter than usual. The worst thing is knowing that I was healthy for only 2 weeks before this one hit. What’s the point in healthy behaviors if your body doesn’t let you be healthy?

That’s it, I’m done with Emergen-C, zinc, vitamin C, and all that other witch-doctor mumbo jumbo. It’s a bunch of junk. I’ll keep taking my multi-vitamin, but my faith in cold prevention/remedy products has come to an end. I’ll continue to do the logical stuff like disinfecting my classroom, washing my hands, exercising, and getting enough sleep. Not that anything has ever helped!

Sorry for my rant. I’m done.

And now I leave you with… Divergent the movie!


I just finished Alligent — love this series! Hope you feel better ASAP lady!

Thanks, I’m thinking maybe of taking some time away from school just to get that extra rest.

Sleep! That’s the best prevention and remedy around! Get better! …I also like tea 😉

I like tea, too. It’s soothing, but I haven’t been drinking it lately for some reason. Usually I get adequate sleep but ever since I turned 30 sleep doesn’t come quite as easy.

So much of the “witch-doctor mumbo jumbo” as you call it (love!) really is just a way to drain your wallet without any proven benefit. In objective studies, they really haven’t been shown to work but some people believe in them so much that placebo effect helps them out. The power of the human mind is amazing. I think your logical stuff sounds much more reliable. I don’t know how teachers survive all of the germs that kids bring them! I hope you get more rest tonight.

I wanted the placebo effect to happen! Whatever works, right? Now that I’m no longer convinced, I guess there’s no point. Oh well, it will save us extra money! Most teachers seem to get sick a lot less than me. Those germs are everywhere but you’d think our immune systems would have improved due to exposure.

cathyo says:

i used to be a teacher and no matter what you did, it seemed there were just too many germs around to avoid getting sick. I hope you sleep better tonight. Feel Better!

SO excited for this movie!

goalinreach says:

I still haven’t gotten through that book, is it worth the read? or wait for the movie?

I’m a bookworm so I’ll almost always say read the book before seeing the movie. 🙂 But if you’re not drawn into the book it might make more sense just to see the movie. It’s no fun to force yourself through a book that you’re not really into.

goalinreach says:

True, I am a bookworm too but I have to be caught up in them. For example, I tried reading Stephen King’s Under The Dome (I LOVE King) but I just couldn’t do it. So, I got caught up in the TV series instead.

I’m glad to hear that about Under the Dome. I wanted to read the book but never got around to it. Sounds like it might not be worth picking up. I haven’t seen the show either but it sounds interesting!

Aidan Brack says:

Hope you feel better soon!

Colin DeWaay says:

Sorry you aren’t feel well, hope you feel better soon!

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