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{November 23, 2013}   Weekend Check-In

Happy weekend! I’m just glad it’s here. I took two days off from work this week to rest and am feeling a bit better. Nights and mornings are the worst. Sleep is not my friend right now with all the congestion and it’s keeping me up with cough attacks or just insomnia. Two things that help: A humidifier and propping your head up with extra pillows.

Back at work on Friday there was a baked potato potluck. I’ve been fighting food cravings most of the week but now they’re gone, so it was easy to pick just one potato and throw a little bit of butter, chili, and cheese over the top. There was also quiche, veggies, pumpkin pie, and pumpkin bars with cream cheese frosting. I went for one of the bars. Gotta love that cream cheese frosting. I passed up the pie because I figure I’ll be eating it on Thanksgiving.


Speaking of Thanksgiving, I’m formulating a plan to not overdo things yet enjoy everything. So far it consists of having a bit of everything and not going back for seconds. Also, maybe a couple glasses of wine if I’m in the mood. Lately I tend to choose diet soda over alcohol because we don’t keep pop in the house.


Today my sister and I went out to see Catching Fire. It was just as good as the original and I highly recommend it! One thing I would not recommend is bringing babies into the theater. That’s just my personal opinion, though. Does anyone else feel this way? I acknowledge that I don’t have children and so I don’t understand how parenthood works, but I have yet to understand the reason why crying babies go to movies, especially movies rated anything above G. Just saying.



cathyo says:

i’m looking forward to seeing catching fire. my weekends are pretty busy, so might not get to see it until christmas holidays. i’ve only heard good things about it so far.

It’s totally worth it! Some think that it’s even better than the first one. It’s definitely a great sequel!

I am a parent and think bring babies to the theater is rude, so don’t feel alone in that. Yes, it stinks not to be able to go to the movies if you don’t have a babysitter (and movie tickets + babysitter gets expensive fast!) but that doesn’t give you the right to diminish the experience others have paid just as much for. And wow would Catching Fire be inappropriate for kids (at least based on the book – having to work around my own two year old, we haven’t seen it yet!).
I think I would eat anything with cream cheese frosting on it. 🙂 That stuff is heaven. Glad you’re feeling a little better!

Thanks! I’m glad you agree. Every time there is a crying baby in the theater I think about what I would do as a parent. I would rather not go see movies at all than have my baby crying in a theater because I’d be too embarrassed to ruin the experience that others paid so much for. Especially because going to the movies is a bit of a luxury and not a necessity.

I agree, too young for it! I loved the movie as well!

Cassy says:

Ugh, the tablet really sucks because it didn’t post any of my comments I made yesterday. Blah. Anyway, I am so excited to see Catching Fire… but really sucks when parents have to bring in their babies/too young children! Sometimes, if you can’t find a baby sitter, you just have to wait for the movie to come out. It is better for the kid and other movie-goers!

Oh man, those pumpkin bars look delish! Definitely would have had…1…. or 3 of them. haha

I try to think about what I’d do if I was a parent, but in the end sometimes I wonder if I’m being insensitive. But it is a $10 movie, and rated PG-13, so my opinion probably holds some weight! If I were a parent I think I’d wait and Redbox the movie.

Pumpkin bars are so yummy! Of course nothing tops pumpkin pie on Thanksgiving, though.

I completely agree with you on bringing babies to the movie theater! I also hate seeing small kids at evening movies. They need their sleep and need to be in bed at a decent hour. I might put mine to bed earlier than most parents, but I think evening movies are just too late for young kids.

Good point about needing sleep at the night time movies. I can imagine that young children don’t really register movies when they’re still under a certain age, anyway.

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