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{November 27, 2013}   Relaxing Wednesday

Hey everyone, Thanksgiving is tomorrow! Can you believe it’s here already?


The best part is having a 5-day weekend, looking forward to nothing but spending time with family and putting up Christmas decorations. Most school districts in the Seattle area have a half day today but my school lucked out and has the whole day off, so I’m feeling incredibly relaxed and happy this morning with my coffee and morning TV.



I’m still congested but feeling better. Mike tells me that my exercising is going to prolong the sickness, but I’m too stubborn to listen. I took a break on Sunday but still managed to get 6,000 steps.

Saturday – Racquetball

Sunday – Break

Monday – Racquetball

Tuesday – Ripped in 30, Level 2

Today – Zumba!

Thanksgiving – Maybe Ripped in 30, Level 3?

College Friend

After work yesterday I met up with a college friend who I am lucky if I see once a year. She reminded me that the last time we saw each other was 2011. Really? That’s so sad… 😦 She lives in Korea with her husband and two young children. She comes back to the states every once and a while to visit and we always try to get together. We went to Red Robin and I got to meet her newest addition to the family. He is 11 months old and has the cutest chubby cheeks!

A couple times she had me watch him while she ran to the bathroom to clean off his pacifier, reminding me of how awkward I am around babies! Holding them, playing with them… It’s all so foreign and unnatural to me for some reason. Is it because I was always the baby of the family and never had any experience with them?

She and her husband want to move to the US and I hope that they do. The problem is that they’d have to sell their two condos in Korea and he’d have to go back to school to learn English more fluently. The up side for him would be that an 11-hour work day is not the norm over here.


My colleagues at work yesterday stated that they “hate me” (kidding, of course!) because of my iron-clad self control. Someone had baked an amazing pumpkin chiffon pie again and as soon as it touched the table, I was off and running back to my classroom.

imagesWhat? I’m trying to be good until Thursday!

This self control continued through the evening. At Red Robin I ordered the grilled chicken sandwich with no bun, so all it was was a chicken breast with lettuce, red onions, and mustard. I hate pickles and tomatoes. On the side I had the freckled fruit salad which was way yummier than expected. 300ish calories for everything. They even brought free steak fries and I ate only two. They were bland.


We ate and chatted for a while until she had to leave because she had to drive for almost 3 hours to get back to her mom’s house on the coast.

When I got home I did Jillian’s Ripped in 30, Level 2. I’m so sick of Level 2 because of those stupid plank moves! I love doing regular planks, but turn them into rapid movement cardio and I’m dying. And those crow’s push ups? Ouch! I still can’t do them and I refuse to master those because I can barely do a real push up. I do the modified crow’s push ups (see the girl on the right) and even those are brutal.

jillian_michaels_ripped_in_30_level_2_crow_push_upPush ups and obliques put together? Nah, I’ll keep those separate for now, thanks.

Speaking of all this wonderful self-control… It’s interesting to notice how much I have right now compared to a month ago, when I was stuffing my face and not exercising for almost two weeks straight. Same thing happened last June. Why does that happen? Does this happen to anyone else? It’s like I can go for months and months being healthy and regularly indulging in a healthy way, and then there’s a spurt of binge-crazy that comes out no matter what I do to prevent it.

Well, at least I’m back in the saddle and doing great. Just in time for turkey day! I have healthy goals, too:

1. Eat breakfast and a snack before leaving for the relatives’ house.

2. Do Ripped in 30

3. Wear form-fitting clothes, not loose but not too tight, either.

4. Eat all the Thanksgiving foods I want. Just don’t go back for seconds.

5. If there is pecan pie, try some. I’ve never had it before and I promised a student that I would try it for her if I see it. πŸ™‚

6. Focus on family. Enjoy the company because they are the people I am grateful to have in my life. Food enhances the experience but it’s nothing without my loved ones.

*What are your goals for Thanksgiving day?


cathyo says:

enjoy your holiday! it sounds like you have a solid plan to stay on track. Good luck!

Thanks! I’m more excited than anything. I haven’t seen my extended family in a while. πŸ™‚

Great goals! Pretty much all my clothes are “form fitting” right now (or snug), so maybe that will keep me from eating too much. If it works out, I’ll have to jog before we go to the in-laws. Pecan pie…yum… (although I can pass on it)

The thing about form fitting clothes is that it keeps us from overstuffing ourselves if we’re trying to avoid looking overstuffed. I’d prefer just to try a bite of pecan pie rather than a whole piece because pumpkin pie is really what I’m after. πŸ™‚

I’m not sure what we’re having for dessert, but think there will be cake pops. They’re cute, yes, but I don’t really care for them. I’ll need to remember that and pass them on by.

Michelle says:

My motivation and self control seem to be on opposite waves! I’ll be super motivated but can’t turn it into any actual results on what I’m eating or I’ll have total self-control for a few days but no motivation to continue. I’m working on getting them synched!
Have fun at your family dinner. We have thanksgiving here in mid-October and get one day off….I’m jealous of your 5 day weekend!

Definitely sounds like you are on the right track and feeling good!!! I also hate plank/cardio moves!!!
I do like pecan pie, but I find it too sweet and not worth it. It’s just OK in my book. I absolutely love Thanksgiving – the turkey, the stuffing, the cranberry sauce – YUM! Hope you have a wonderful holiday!!

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