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{November 29, 2013}   The Day After

Happy Black Friday! Did anyone shop today? We lazed about on our computers this morning just browsing things, but nothing too serious. I’m not getting trampled for a TV!

Thanksgiving was absolutely wonderful. I got to see a lot of family I don’t normally get to see. I got a lot of compliments on my outfit, too! One thing I love about being where I’m at health-wise is how good I feel when I dress nice and the compliments that come along with putting thought into my style. I wore this color block sweater dress, but not with boots like in the picture. Instead, I gave it a Leanne flair by wearing black tights and matching Vera Wang booties.


photo 3

One of my goals was to wear clothes that weren’t too loose or too tight and this fit the bill perfectly. Even after stuffing myself to the brim the dress was not too constraining.

That’s not to say that I wasn’t dying of fullness! Here’s how I did with other my goals:

I ate oatmeal for breakfast and Greek yogurt for a snack on the way to the relatives’ house.

ripped_in_30_level_3_warm_up_with_weightsThis was just part of the warm up.

I did Ripped in 30, level 3 for the first time. Jillian kicked my butt as usual and I was yelling expletives at her singing her praises the whole time. This morning I am really sore in my back and my legs. AND


 I even threw in 20 minutes of Zumba afterwards! Really?! Yes, I’m crazy. Well, I figured I had an hour to spare and also had the energy, so why not?

As for the amazing Thanksgiving food, I did go back for seconds. But only for some extra mashed potatoes and my aunt’s friggin’ fabulous sweet potato casserole. That stuff was CRACK. Crack, I tell you! I could have eaten that whole 9×13 dish for real.

For dessert I had a big piece of pumpkin pie and tried my cousin’s bread pudding with a glaze made out of bourbon and white chocolate. Decadent insanity.

images (1)

Overall, I ate less than 2,500 calories for the day. Not too shabby considering it was Thanksgiving. I didn’t drink, so that helped.

Seeing family was a highlight. It was a ton of fun to see what’s going on in their lives. I even had a long conversation with my 2nd cousin, a 6th grader, about dystopian fiction novels.

What an amazing Thanksgiving! I am thankful for all of my family and the good times that have been had.

*What’s your favorite Thanksgiving dish?

*Are you doing any Black Friday shopping?


cathyo says:

i’m a stuffing girl. Love, love, love it! I could skip the rest and just eat stuffing….well, and maybe a piece of pumpkin pie!

So many people love stuffing. I like it but my favorite part is the sweet stuff and also the mashed potatoes.

j!b says:

Awesome job adding on the Zumba! We don’t do a traditional thanksgiving dinner so I’m not very familiar with all the different dishes but a sweet potato casserole sounds delicious!

What kinds of foods does your family eat on Thanksgiving? I’m curious now! Non-traditional sounds like fun.

j!b says:

We’ll usually have fried rice, noodles (chow mein), fried chicken, some seafood dish. Sometimes we’ll have mashed potatoes and meatballs. Tried Turkey a few times in the past but there’s always SO MUCH left over hehe

Great job and styling outfit! I accidentally went black Friday shopping because I wanted a new sweatshirt for Oregon’s civil war today! Enjoy the rest of the weekend!

Thank you! That’s funny that you accidentally did some black Friday shopping. We just did a bunch of shopping online on Friday and Saturday.

Hey, you should post an update on your blog! I miss hearing about how things are going. I hope you are doing well! 🙂

That dress is gorgeous! I’ll bet you looked great.

Thank you! I felt great wearing it, which was the best part. My husband called me “the bell of the ball”. haha

Lol, I also decided it wise to do my Black Friday shopping from the safety of my computer!

Super cute dress and shoes btw!

Thanks! It was kind of fun putting an outfit together. I’ve been watching too much “What Not to Wear” on Netflix. lol

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