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{December 11, 2013}   Anyone Else Need a Stiff Drink?

I have a serious case of winter vacation-itis. This week has been a personal power struggle with health and exercise. Mostly it’s the exercise part – It’s the last thing I want to do! I’ve been trying not to admit how stressed out and anxious I am these days, but it’s becoming hard to avoid. On Monday after I got home from a very busy, very stressful day at work, I kept trying to make excuses not to work out. Mike started asking me questions to guide my thinking which helped a lot. Thanks to him I actually did Ripped in 30 and felt better afterwards.

ripped-in-30-duck-walkCan’t I just curl up into a ball instead?

Despite the lack of motivation and high stress levels, at least we have a new memory foam bed mattress which is a lot better than our old pillow top. Sleep hasn’t been too bad, but it also hasn’t been the 8 hours my body needs in order to fully function. Coffee just isn’t doing it, either.


Today I’m back in that slump where I desperately don’t want to work out. I just want a stiff drink and to play a video game! Is that too much to ask? lol

Mike got an interesting video game system this week. It’s one of the first real virtual reality devices called the Oculus Rift. It’s pretty trippy. I got a little bit of motion sickness after a while but it’s still a very cool experience.

photoYou can look all around you so it feels like you’re really there.

Friday we are celebrating some family birthdays and then Saturday is Christmas cookie baking! I’m so excited for that. There’s going to be a ton of all different kinds of cookies including Mike’s mom’s famous fudge and no-bake peanut butter bars. What is a good strategy to keep from eating all the goodies? Chewing gum?

*Are you baking holiday cookies this year? What kind?

*Could you also use a stiff drink and some R&R?


What a great, supportive husband you have!
Yes to the stiff drink and some R&R!!

I was going to buy some rum the other day just to relax a little bit but I was too lazy to go to the store! lol

Funny! I get like that too!

I actually do chew gum often to signify ending a meal, or just to stop eating!

I chew at least 3 pieces of Trident gum every day, but it’s a bigger challenge with cookie baking. Usually I pop a piece of gum after my morning coffee/breakfast, after lunch, and somewhere in between.

cathyo says:

I can’t wait for the Xmas break. I’m not much of a baker. My kids always make something for Santa on Christmas Eve and that’s about all we do baking-wise. That’s okay. If there are cookies in the house I will just eat them!

Not baking really does make life easier on the health-front. The hardest part is when other people gift you with the cookies they baked!

Dot2Trot says:

If you are mentally frustrated with working out, that’s when you really need to work out. Maybe you can try something different to get your motivation up. Is it possible for you to try a walk along a trail or ice skating? Sometimes you need to break up the monotony. Even if it’s on a weekend. You could use that exercise as a reward if you do X during the week.

As for baking, I make all of my Christmas gifts for family and friends. So this weekend the baking starts up. On the menu: Fudge Brownies, Pumpkin-Dark Chocolate Chip Cookies, Low Carb/Glutten Free Pumpkin Cream Cheese Muffins, and lemon ciambelle cookies. With the exception of the muffins, none are healthy (as it should be this time of year). My test is not eating them.

I do miss my champagne and cookie parties my roommate and I use to do this time of the year. Basically our girlfriends would bring the batter of their favorite cookies and we’d supply the oven and the champagne. It’s an awesome cookie swap party!

Thank you for the ideas! I’m too much of a scaredy cat to go outside to work out. lol But I have lots of different DVD’s I can try. We haven’t been doing racquetball lately which probably would be helpful because it’s so much fun.
Mmmmm pumpkin cream cheese muffins sound divine! Good luck not eating your goodies! 🙂

Dot2Trot says:

Well the pumpkin cheese cake muffins are low carb so I can indulge a bit. The brownies I fear the most. I made them last year and they were incredible. At least my husband volunteered to be my taster this year.

I’m doing cookies this weekend too. I’m planning on having hot tea and a big bowl fruit at hand to help keep me from tasting as I go along!

Sounds like a good strategy to keep your stomach full while baking!

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