Leanne Nalani

{December 12, 2013}   I Was Bad.

8Poutine. One of my favorite foods ever. Thanks, Canada!

Today was a big field trip to the Pacific Science Center with our school’s AP juniors and seniors to look at the Race exhibit.

9The bus drivers couldn’t figure out how to get to the freaking Space Needle. Really? lol


Our AP English students have been reading the book Native Son by Richard Wright and have been exploring issues related to race, so this exhibit came at an opportune time.


There were a lot of very interesting topics to read about and videos to watch. I never really thought about how the U.S. Census has used race in the past to keep people segregated vs. how it is used today.

Warning: This next part may get a little bit deep or uncomfortable or whatever, so I apologize ahead of time!


Then I saw this piece called the Hapa project, featuring photos of people with messages that they wrote about themselves. Each person was considered hapa, which is  a word I’ve seen before but didn’t know that it meant mixed ethnic heritage with partial roots in Asian and/or Pacific Islander ancestry. Hey, that’s me!

One woman’s anecdote resonated with me:


Hawaiian pride is a powerful thing. It is a huge part of the culture I grew up in and I treasure it deeply. I’m also Portuguese and several other European things, but the Hawaiian cultural part of my life has always stood out.

This woman’s story reminds me of the time a student told me he didn’t believe me when I say that I’m part Hawaiian. Because I’m Caucasian. Sometimes I’ve been led to believe that, since I look white and grew up here in the Pacific Northwest which is also part of my culture, I shouldn’t hold onto that strong Hawaiian pride. Sometimes things people say or ways people talk have made me feel like all the Hawaiian culture I’ve grown up with my entire life is somewhat negated. I know that’s wrong and it’s not ok to feel this way, but there it is.

Anyway, after looking at this woman’s story I then saw this:

4It says: Happy to be Hawaiian; there’s not many of us left.

There were many interesting things to see aside from these pieces. Afterwards everyone got to choose where they wanted to eat so us 5 adults went to the Seattle Center to this restaurant called Skillet Counter. And guess what they had…

Poutine! Yes, there was a Subway right next to it but this is the fancy schmancy little place that we all decided to eat at, and I was ravenous.

8I ate half of this bad boy and ate the rest for dinner. Not to mention the Starbuck’s gingerbread latte and cranberry bliss bar…

Happy Friday tomorrow. Next up: Christmas Cookie baking! And celebrating some birthdays on Friday!

I LOVE starbuk’s cranberry bliss bars…and is that fries and gravy? What is it exactly?

Poutine originally is french fries covered in gravy and cheese curds. There are a lot of variations, though! I’ve had it with pulled pork or with different kinds of cheeses. This one I think used cheddar cheese. It’s pretty amazing stuff and I think it is getting more and more popular in the U.S. these days!

j!b says:

Poutine is so delicious! It catches me off guard when I realize it’s not as common yet in the U.S.
I haven’t tried the bliss bar. I imagine it’s heavenly!

I love that I’m seeing poutine popping up in the Seattle area more and more. I know where I can go to get some for sure, which is nice. Unfortunately I don’t think it’s anywhere near my house, but that’s probably a good thing!

I just had the gingerbread latte yesterday! Not one of my better choices, but it was delicious! I’ve never had poutine but would like to try it some day! Oh, and hold on to that Hawaiian pride!!

Thank you! It makes me want to go put some Hawaiian Christmas music on my phone this weekend. 🙂
You have got to try poutine. It seems to be a more popular dish in the U.S. and I see it in pubs and in some restaurants.

Starbucks is my kryptonite! So hard to resist!

Usually it’s easy for me to avoid Starbuck’s because I never pass one by except for once in a blue moon. But if I happen to see one, you bet you’ll find me standing in line. lol

I’m not sure if I wish I’d tried poutine back before I started changing the way I eat so I’d know fantastic it is (fries and gravy are one of my favorite things) or if I’m glad I never did so I don’t know exactly what I’m missing!

Hmmmm good question. I would say it’s worth trying if you indulge every once and a while!

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