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{December 15, 2013}   Christmas Cookies!

Birthday and Lights

This weekend was epic-Christmas time. On Friday we celebrated my sister in law’s birthday by going to a nice little restaurant in Bellevue. City traffic on a Friday night… Not my cup of tea. It was so bad that almost everyone arrived late to the reservation and all of us were noticeably agitated. But hey, they nothing a little bit of candied bacon and a mixed drink couldn’t fix! I even noticed that this restaurant had its own version of poutine – Caprese style. I don’t like caprese, so it was easy not to order. Instead I got a deconstructed turkey pot pie on biscuits with cranberry spread.



For the evening’s entertainment we went to the nearby botanical gardens to see the Christmas lights.





On Saturday is was our annual CHRISTMAS COOKIE DAY!!! Malia and I were so excited!


After laying all the supplies out on the kitchen island, we were quickly overwhelmed and just kind of staring at it all. Nothing a mixed drink couldn’t fix! I had mimosas and Malia brought Lambrusco. Then things got crazy.

IMG_1987I was in a chocolate-chopping panic, so Malia stirred for me while she was also stirring her cranberries.

IMG_1989Fudge remnants.

DSCN0220There were two different versions of chocolate balls. Neither were salty.

DSCN0223Footprint in the flour. Another sign of a successful day of cookie baking.

DSCN0227Here we have chocolate crinkles, russian tea cakes, chocolate peanut butter cup cookies, and no-bake peanut butter bars.

DSCN0231Candy canes and cranberry shortbread bars. 

DSCN0233Butter tarts in front and Fantasy Fudge on the back right.


In the end here’s what was baked:

  • Apple bars (tastes like apple pie) – Originally supposed to be my mom’s amazing apricot bars, but no stores seem to carry apricot filling anymore!
  • Candy canes
  • Cranberry shortbread bars
  • Butter tarts
  • Chocolate peanut butter cup cookies
  • Chocolate crinkle cookies
  • No-bake peanut butter bars
  • Fantasy fudge (not in the picture)

Another friend joined us, too. My mom even showed up unexpectedly! There were drinks to be had, cookie shrapnel to dispose of (in our bellies, of course), and good times all around. Malia surprised me by having Mike find and put on an old Disney classic we grew up with, “Babes in Toyland.”


Later we put on one of Malia’s and my absolute favorite Christmas movies, Muppet Christmas Carol!


After most of the cookies were done and cooling, we all ordered calzones and watched this on Netflix just so we could make fun of it:


*Did you do cookie baking for the holidays? What kinds of cookies?

*Anyone else kind of fall off the wagon like me? Yikes!


Looks like fun. I’ve only managed one batch of cookies so far and there aren’t many left (gave half away as part of a present).

Gorgeous lights!!!
Wow, you made all those cookies in one day?! I just started yesterday and only managed one kind – oreo balls. I have more planned: toffee, mint cookies, snickers surprise cookies and molasses cookies. Oh, and more oreo balls.
Yep, totally off the wagon. Double yikes!

It’s an all day affair. We do it once a year and it’s so much fun! Oreo balls sound amazing! Recipe, please? lol How many did you make? On Saturday we made double batches of most cookies.

1 package oreos, any variety. Grind into crumbs (food processor works great) and mix with 1 8-ounce package of cream cheese, with 1 tsp vanilla. Chill about 1 hour. Roll into balls of whatever size you’d like (I like about 1 inch across). Dip into melted almond bark (chocolate or white). Let harden on waxed paper. Can sprinkle with decors if desired.

These are SO good and easy, but addicting! And with all the oreo flavors, you can try lots of different ones. They really don’t make much…we ended up with maybe a dozen left after everyone “sampled” them.

Holy mother of…. That recipe sounds insanely good! Oooh I might have to make those. There’s a holiday party this weekend – maybe I should make some for that.

LOL! They ARE good!! Oh, I forgot to mention they should be stored in the refrigerator, although you probably guessed with the cream cheese.

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