Leanne Nalani

{December 19, 2013}   It’s Almost Friday!

There really isn’t much to report here which is why I haven’t been posting too much. It’s Christmas in less than a week! Tomorrow is the last day before winter break! I’m so excited to have some time off. It’s going to be a busy weekend but since there’s no work to stress about then it will be easier to relax.

Something I hadn’t talked about before is that we went a little crazy on Black Friday with some online sales and decided to replace all our white kitchen appliances so that they match our stainless steel refrigerator.

IMG_1996You can see the new dishwasher and oven in this photo. Above the oven is the microwave.

That was an exciting turn of events. On the same day we replaced our decade-old mattress and box spring with a memory foam one. It’s a different experience in a mostly positive way. Not feeling every little movement is nice. The mattress itself might be contributing to excess heat during the night, but then again it could just be our thermostat on the fritz.

On Saturday we are going bowling for our nephew’s 7th birthday. I am the world’s worst bowler. The kids could easily get a higher score than me. Last night I was actually considering bumper bowling. But hey, at least if I suck that bad I can go to my sister’s Christmas party that night and drink to forget the experience.


I haven’t been on top of things or motivated with health but we’re still doing some racquetball so at least that’s keeping me moving. There are too many Christmas cookies in our house and it’s time to separate them out so we can give them away! I will have a real plan after Christmas. I know I should have a plan now but it’s just not happening. Christmas is the last day when lots of things are happening (New Year’s Eve isn’t usually very eventful) so I would like to get a plan in action starting on the 26th for sure.

*How’s your week going? Have any fun weekend plans?

*How’s your motivation?


oh my lord that looks like heaven on a counter!

I had to move it all into the dining room where we don’t often go and cover every plate with double layers of tin foil. Mike and I have still been getting into it, though!

I would definitely have to give all of those away and quickly to avoid going overboard!
I very blissfully have ZERO plans for the weekend – after a crazy few weeks since Thanksgiving, I’m looking forward to the downtime!

We will finally have some real down time the weekend after this one. Sunday-Tuesday will also be pretty quiet. It’s nice to have days when you know nothing is going on.

cathyo says:

i would eat every cookie in sight if that was on my counter! i have no will power for things like that. I like to use that as an excuse not to bake! LOL I need to get my act together and plan too. I can’t wait for christmas holidays. I’m done tomorrow until at least the 2nd…maybe the 6th if I’m really lucky!
have fun bowling!!!

Here’s hoping you get time off until the 6th! Might as well make it an even 2 weeks. 🙂

Motivation sucks. I’m the worst bowler! Can’t wait for the party. Maybe a 2 hour delay tomorrow????

I assure you, sis, bowl with me and you’ll look like a pro!
I hope we don’t have a 2 hour delay. What’s the point? If the roads are crappy at 6am they’re still gonna be crappy at 8. lol Sucks living on a giant hill.

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