Leanne Nalani

{December 20, 2013}   Snow Day!

Today is the last day of school before winter break. Actually, it was the last day of school.


Snow Day! We didn’t get any snow at all last year. Today we got snow AND it’s Friday AND school is closed. Crazy! My school district is notorious for not closing down when the road conditions are treacherous. We have  a new superintendent and I think that may have something to do with it. The giant hill I live on gets closed down on bad snow days.

This morning I’m relaxing with my morning coffee. I separated the Christmas cookies onto paper plates to give friends and family. No plans for the day except for a friend coming over tonight. Hopefully he can get up the hill safely.

I’m so excited to have an extra day off! To celebrate an early holiday, here’s a fun video from Straight No Chaser:


Ahhh I miss snow days!

Does it ever snow enough for you to miss work? Snow days are fun except for the part where we have to make up the day, but this time it’s totally worth it!

I’ve missed one day of work for snow since we moved here last year…and it was TOTALLY a missed call lol. There have been a ton of other days that we maybe should have been called and weren’t

cathyo says:

enjoy your bonus day off!

Thanks! My husband had the day off already so I admit I was a little bit jealous! Now we get to spend the day together. 🙂

That seems like perfect timing for a snow day!

Awesome! I am on break too! Yay!

Tammy says:

Beautiful picture. I’m glad you got to stay in. I love snow, but only when I don’t have to drive in it.

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