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{December 28, 2013}   Crawling Back on the Wagon

fall-off-the-wagonAnd then you crawl back on and live your life.

…I’m talking a slow crawl onto this wagon. Thursday held a day of generally healthy eating and Zumba. Friday was the same with an extra amount of Zumba time. Today will be racquetball. I’ve been making somewhat decent food choices but definitely not on par with my usual health-crazy lifestyle. I feel a lot better than I did with all the junk food from the last week.



For Christmas my parents gave us our very first membership to Costco and yesterday we checked it out. We went in with the intentions to get things we normally would use and eat without breaking the bank. Naturally we ended up following half of that rule! By the end of the trip I had 5,000 steps and a cart that was almost too heavy to push.

It had been years since either of us had visited so of course we had to indulge in our favorite Costco traditions – Samples and Costco food:

lI grew up getting the polish dogs and very berry sundaes. Mike grew up with the chicken bakes.

This time around I just had a very berry sundae and Mike had a hot dog. We packed the car in the rain and spent a while unpacking all the goods at home. I had to take everything out of the freezer to make room for everything! We also ended up with enough chicken broth to last us a lifetime and more yogurt than it’s humanly possible to eat before the expiration date. We also bought diet pop which is something we’ve mostly been keeping out of the house.

2Dinner! This is Jack Daniels pulled chicken on a ciabatta roll. It was so good!

Fish Update

Let’s rewind to yesterday morning. I walked downstairs to make coffee and feed the new fish. While the coffee was brewing I watched the fish eat and noticed one of them going after a flake. The only problem is that the “flake” appeared to be moving! Less than 24 hours and already there are babies in the tank.

1This one got sucked into the grow garden.

Wait, but I thought all the platy fish were males? Hmmm… One of the fish is less colorful than the others. Coincidentally I gave it the name Dory because it’s a blue platy, not thinking that it’s a girl’s name.

3See the one on the upper left? Larger, less vibrant colors… Must be a female!

Now they all have names, too. The female is still Dory. The orange one is Blaze, named after an old handle of Mike’s. I named my favorite on in the bottom left corner Bumblebee, since he is a bumblebee platy and its ironic because I have a phobia of bees. The yellow one with the black fin is Blackfin. Mike named him and he has this whole creative back story that I can’t remember about a pirate… Well anyway.

*Do you partake in Costco shopping? Do you have favorite foods from there?

*How are you getting back on the wagon?


ugh, I’m having a hard time getting back on the wagon. Does eating all the junk food so I don’t have to be tempted by it count?? I’m shopping for healthy stuff

meant to say I’m shopping for healthy stuff on Monday…I can hardly wait!

Eating all the junk food before getting back on the wagon has been a “strategy” I think about, too! Well, we kind of already have been doing that all vacation – The Christmas cookies are totally gone. We did give most of them away, but there were a lot left that we went through. I’ll be shopping for healthy stuff this week before school starts up again.

I shop tonight and cannot wait!! 🙂

j!b says:

We love costco! Always buy eggs yogurt spinach fruit and veggies and sometimes chicken. Also love buying dark chocolate Acari blueberries and sometimes chips and dip. I’m really hoping to get back to healthier eating in the new year even thinking of joining the whole food challenge but we’ll see.

Costco seems to be a good place to go for a lot of things. We went by the produce section pretty quickly, but I was in the mentality that I wouldn’t get through it quickly enough. I love those dark chocolate covered fruits!

I go to costco to buy large items sometimes..it is amazing how much you save!

For sure! We definitely saved on the things we bought but the final bill was still scary!

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