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{December 31, 2013}   The End of 2013

Happy New Year’s Eve!


Go Seahawks!

How was your weekend? We didn’t do much except we did watch the Sunday Seahawks game. We don’t ever watch sports except for the Superbowl but the Seahawks have been doing so well and this was an important game, so why not? My sister was at the stadium participating in the 12th Man thing. It was a good game to be at! For us at home Mike’s mom joined for the excitement and we made some of those Costco goodies as appetizers.

$_35I’m pretty sure no one’s seen quite so many penalties so it was an interesting game! It doesn’t hurt that we won, giving us the NFC West title.

Books of 2013

I’ve also been a read-a-holic the past week and started a new series that reminds me a little bit of the Shopaholic series. It’s called Single in the City. Instead of it being written about a British woman, this one is about an American woman moving to London. I’m loving it so far but nothing tops Sophie Kinsella.


Check out the list of books I read in 2013!


Another thing I did this past weekend is watch documentaries on Netflix. I watched A Place at the Table, about American poverty and food deserts. Very depressing. The worst movie was Blackfish. Don’t watch this movie if you are sensitive to animal abuse. After watching this movie I am glad I have never been to Seaworld. I’m not usually sensitive to much of anything in terms of movies and I’m not one to get on a soapbox often, but this one made me feel a little bit sick physically, mostly for the whales but also for the trainers.



Yesterday Mike and I went to sushi with my sister and my mom. This is one of those places with the conveyor belt where you grab the plates as they pass by and the colors indicate the prices.

2123385757_f4322bd8e3_zNot my photo but the same restaurant.

I’ve been to sushi once before but it wasn’t like this and I didn’t like any of it. Most of the ingredients in sushi are not to my palate like avocado, cream cheese, raw fish, fish eggs, etc. Somehow those things didn’t bother me yesterday. There was such a mix of flavors that it came together in a way that was both enjoyable and confusing.

Health Update

Calorie-wise I am tracking everything but not meeting the necessary amount. In other words, I’m still eating too much! No worries, though. I am getting ready for some serious goals for 2014 that will be complimented by the upcoming back-to-work schedule next week. Routine is important!

I’ve exercised daily with lots and lots of cardio, either Zumba or racquetball. Yesterday I actually scored a lot of points in racquetball. My highest score now is 11 out of 15. Our time was up yesterday at a score of 11-9, so I actually won for the first time! We got so into playing that I accidentally got Mike in the shoulder and he accidentally gave me a nice shiner on mine. Most of the time I get bruises from hitting myself with the racket. Not intentionally!

*Thoughts/Opinions on sushi?

*What are you doing tonight to ring in the new year?


Happy New year! I love sushi! My favorite is California roll or spicy tuna!

I don’t think I tried either of those but then again I don’t know the names of any of the ones I did try! lol

I went back to work yesterday and am enjoying the routine. I can hardly wait for kids to go back to school on Thursday! We all need the routine.
we have a quiet night at home planned…might let the kids stay up late watching movies, and that’s about it.

I’ve only recently learned to like sushi. I’m not sure I’d be brave enough to just grab things from the conveyor belt!

The nice thing is that my mom and sister were there to help. They both know sushi way better than me and were able to point things out I might like. Plus, whenever they pulled something off the belt, we’d all share. There was a menu with pictures and names of everything, but that wasn’t very helpful because none of the ingredients were listed!

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