Leanne Nalani

{January 7, 2014}   Happy Tuesday!

It’s the Little Things

Happy Tuesday! Work is back in full swing with all the excitement that comes with being informed of extra after-school meetings and students who clearly wanted a 3rd week off. Yay!

health-010212-004-617x416This is how students and teachers felt on Monday.

Do you ever have one of those work days where the little negatives things add up, causing you to feel like the whole day kinda sucked? That was yesterday. This morning wasn’t starting out too hot, either. My FitBit alarm buzzed me in the middle of REM sleep and the rest of the morning was super fuzzy. I hit a curb taking a right turn which released a good amount of adrenaline to keep me awake the rest of the drive in to work, but yikes that’s not very safe! I had an uncharacteristic second tumbler-full of coffee. Then a third after lunch.

giant-coffee-cup-womanPrior to leaving the house?

At that point the day already felt shot, but then our new office manager did something thoughtful. She is from the islands so I connected with her on that subject. She gave me a 2014 Hawaiian calendar with the tide patterns. Her sister sent some over to her during the break which reminds me of when my aunt used to always send us these types of calendars. That really brightened my mood!


Then the students from one of our special education programs made nice little treats for all the staff so I found this in my box:


Then a colleague asked me if I’d give advice to her and her group of friends about weight loss because of how much I lost and have kept off for two years. They continually seem to go off and on diets together and always end up quitting. She asked me if I’d consider coming and chatting with them about what I’ve done to lose the weight/keep it off/tips/etc. I am flattered and excited that others want to hear about it. I just hope I can be helpful in some way.

It’s the little things… 🙂


Read 25 books – 3 down, 22 to go! I finished that Single in the City trilogy. It was a bit underwhelming after a while.

Play racquetball 3x a week – We played on Monday and found out that the courts will be closed until next Tuesday, so we will be missing our next 3 sessions. Unexpected roadblock! Not my fault! I will do Zumba anyway.

Find a balance with food – There are some books I’m looking into reading, one of which I am almost finished with. I have a lot to say about this topic but need to continue reflecting and figure out how to organize my jumbled thoughts.

Strength train 2x a week – Today was Bob Harper in Biggest Loser Boot Camp. 50 minutes of kicking my out of shape butt!


That’s awesome you’ve been invited to talk to a group! Next thing ya know, you’ll be at seminars 🙂

haha That would be interesting. I’m looking forward to talking to this group but I need to organize my scattered thoughts!

Cassy says:

Yay! That is such a great feeling to be asked to help others and inspire them to lose weight! You have been doing a great job and definitely deserve the recognition!

Thanks! I really want to be able to help others but it’s such a complicated thing in the end.

I have actually been thinking A LOT about specifically your second goal — trying to find balance with food.

I’m hoping to talk a lot about that topic. I finished one book that might help and am starting another soon!

Motivational speaker Leanne! Anywho, I keep reminding everyone this is the longest week of our lives (coming off the holidays) so to you, once this week is over the rest of the year will fly by! Great post…and once you figure out balance with food let me know! I’ve tracked 7 days in a row and have lost any holiday weight I may have gained!

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