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{January 15, 2014}   Book Review and Bob’s Pure Burn Super Strength

Eleanor & Park

I finished a really great book that is worth mentioning if you enjoy fiction:

15745753Eleanor and Park by Rainbow Rowell is very well-written and was a very enjoyable read. I loved the awkward relationship between the two main characters and the emotions that the story elicits. If this were a movie, it reminds me a little bit of Juno or Napoleon Dynamite: Boy-girl teenage relationships that are just a little bit… Different. In a good way. I’m not sure what else to say besides that it’s totally worth reading and you will probably find yourself wanting to just sit and read it until it’s over.

Bob Harper – Pure Burn Super Strength

Bob 1Why, Bob, why?!?!

Don’t let his niceness on The Biggest Loser deceive you. He will murder you even more than Jillian Michaels on his DVD’s. I’m pretty sure his workout models on the DVD went home and died after the making of this DVD.

Yesterday I put this disc of terror in the PS3 with the intent to take it slow and easy, modifying whenever possible. It’s been a long time since I’ve done this one. I started with the 20 minute beginner’s part. That was too easy so after those 20 minutes were up I went ahead and pressed Play on the 70-minute portion. 70 minutes – Yeah right. Does that sound like an unreasonable amount of strength training time to anyone else?


Anyway. I did a lot of fast-forwarding to the sections I thought would focus on the parts of my body that needed more work after the initial 20 minutes. Out of those 70 minutes I might have done 20 or 30 not including the warm up or cool down. The problem was that I spent so much time fast-forwarding that there felt like a lack of focus.

I don’t know if I want to keep using this DVD unless I give it the full 70 minutes. I will probably never want to spend that much time on strength training. It deserves to be given a few more chances before saying screw it, though!


j!b says:

70 minutes sounds like a long time to do strength training!! Definitely give it a couple more times.. maybe you can find a good starting and ending point (shorter duration) that would allow you to go straight through without fast-forwarding. That way you can keep your focus on the workout.

I’ll keep trying. The problem with it is that he keep mixing things up, hitting one muscle and then coming back to it later in the DVD. Maybe I’ll be able to find a couple good places where I don’t have to continuously fast forward.

So glad to hear you liked that book! I’ve been meaning to check it out. I’m really looking forward to it now. I just finished Gone Girl which I think you recommended a while back. That was really a good read too 🙂

Yay! Glad I could confirm it’s awesomeness. I’m reading a comical book now that is pretty funny so far called Hyperbole and a Half. Have you heard of it?

cathyo says:

I’m adding that book to my 2014 read list. Always looking for reading reco’s. Don’t give up on weight training yet. 70 is LONG!!! Check out fitnessblender.com. They have really great at home workouts that are high intensity and quick. Lots of options on their website…and it’s free!

Wow that website is pretty cool! I was playing around with finding things to do. It reminds me of an app that may be similar, except this website has a lot more options.

cathyo says:

I used it a lot last year when I was working out at home before I joined CrossFit. They give a pretty good sweat.

70 minutes isn’t too bad as long as that includes a warm-up and a cool down. Maybe you can do this video once a week or once a fortnight. Remember, if it doesn’t challenge you, it doesn’t change you 🙂

Good point. Once every couple weeks seems doable. Eventually I’ll build up an endurance so it won’t be so bad all the time.

Or do it 2x a week and build your endurance up 🙂

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