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{January 18, 2014}   2 Year Weight Maintenance Anniversary!

2 Year Weight Maintenance Anniversary!

It’s here again! Two  years has passed and I’ve still managed to maintain a healthy weight. There have been many ups and downs and a lot of learning experiences along the way. I am still growing into what life should be like in weight maintenance.

2 years

Last year was a wonky year in terms of my eating habits because I had some issues with bingeing, something that didn’t become a problem until after I lost all the weight. This year I’m on a mission to set things straight and learn what balance could potentially look like for the long run.

They say that 5 years of maintaining a healthy weight is indicative of keeping it off forever. Maybe this will be the year that I figure things out so the other years won’t be as challenging and being healthy can just come naturally with little effort.

In celebration of the 2-year mark, I didn’t really want to do anything big or really anything at all.

Then last night I saw Nicole’s blog at GoalInReach post and found out for the first time that there’s a new Zumba DVD collection! I simply cannot exist without having all of them because I use every single one! I was so excited when Mike said we should get it as an anniversary gift, I damn near burst into flames.

I just about jumped out of my skin upon learning that there was a new DVD set. Yes yes I realize they will do anything to make easy money including creating a new “toy” like the Rizer but that’s not what’s important. What’s important is finding a form of exercise you love and rolling with it.

Goals Check-Up


I finished the Intuitive Eating book which I talked about here. Then I read Eleanor & Park which was awesome. Then I read Hyperbole & a Half by Allie Brosh.

81djqJv8lZLI liked it but wasn’t in love with it. Some parts of it made me feel depressed for the author, if any of it could be remotely true.

Then I started reading Shadow and Bone by Leigh Bardugo


OMG this book is so good! Can’t — put — down — Maybe just for some blogging…

To conclude this 2014 reading goal update of reading 25 books this year, I’ve been quite the bookworm and have polished off a total of 8 books so far. Shadow & Bone will be #9 and it’s part of a series. Yay!

Strength Training 2x a Week

Going strong! I did Jillian Michaels on Friday and it was much easier than the last time. She still kicked my butt.

This week’s workouts:

Sunday – Zumba

Monday – Zumba

Tuesday – Bob Harper’s Pure Burn Super Strength (modified)

Wednesday – Rest

Thursday – Zumba

Friday – Jillian Michaels’ No More Trouble Zones

Saturday – Racquetball UPDATE: Racquetball fail again! The community center had a coin show going on so there was no parking anywhere. Lame! I did Zumba instead.

Do Racquetball 3x a Week

The racquetball goal is a complete fail so far but it’s totally not my fault! The place we go had some holiday closures and then Thursday’s session didn’t work because someone had reserved all the courts for some kind of “jamboree” thing. *grumble*

Find a Balance with Food

Somehow this goal evolved into a crazy complete 180 change in eating habits. I’m loving intuitive eating so far, though! It’s been about 2 weeks. There was a time when I had heard of intuitive eating and decided it was not for me – There was absolutely no way I was going to be able to just listen to my body without dieting, tracking, etc. I’m a control freak and tracking was how the weight came off so there’s no way that was going to work for me.

Yet here we are.

I believe that this is the right time for me to try something like this because I’m in maintenance. They say you should put weight loss on the back-burner with intuitive eating, so people who have a certain amount of weight they are aiming to lose will probably become frustrated with the whole idea.

This week at lunch I brought different foods to enjoy including a variety of Nature Box items and never ended up finishing everything because I was full. I learned that I was able to be completely happy and satisfied by taking the time to savor and taste the food while also enjoying socializing with co-workers. Those two actions slowed me down, too. There was no urgency or need to scarf it all down in 5 minutes per usual.

On Wednesday we tried a Chinese restaurant in our city that got excellent reviews on Yelp, called Szechuan First. It definitely lived up to its reputation. We ordered honey walnut prawns and curried chicken with a kick of spice.

photoThe curried chicken was served over rice. Soooo good!

We’d never tried curry at a Chinese restaurant before and it was perfection over rice. In the past honey walnut prawns was always my favorite Chinese dish but I’m discovering, while it’s still good, it’s not as amazing as once originally thought. It’s been taken off its “magical food pedestal”.

Probably the most mind-blowing part of the evening was how much we both enjoyed the food without feeling the need to eat it all. Even Mike decided to try practicing the intuitive eating guidelines and we both came out of the meal feeling extremely happy and content. I listened to my body and focused on enjoying/savoring the flavors until I was full and satiated. I don’t think I’ve had a better experience with Chinese food.

In the past we’d each order our favorite dishes (Mike’s is sweet & sour chicken) and eat the entire plate by ourselves. This time we had a ton of leftovers, some of which I took to lunch the next day. At that point I decided that was all the Chinese food I wanted for the week and Mike got to eat the remaining flavor-bomb-yummyness.

This week in eating has been pretty even-keeled. I haven’t felt any cravings or desires to overeat. My fear of food at social outings seems to have dimmed, too.

*Are you reading and good books lately?

*Favorite Chinese dish?


Congrats girlie!!! That book sounds cool! Can’t wait to check it out 🙂

Yay! Thanks sis! You have got to check out this series. It’s really really good! I’m on to the second book already.

j!b says:

I love Chinese food esp any dish with shrimp. Yummy!! I’m hoping to try and make an almond crusted shrimp dish this week. Happy anniversary!! Keep it up!

Thanks! I’m a big shrimp fan, too. I’m looking forward to going back to this Chinese restaurant to try their other dishes.

j!b says:

Oh and a book I just finished that I really enjoyed.. “Of violence and cliche” by MC joudrey. Loved it and highly recommend it. When you read the overview you first think “huh? What’s this about?” But it really is a great read.

I will have to check it out! I looked it up on GoodReads but couldn’t find it. Hopefully Amazon will have it for Kindle.

Anonymous says:

Congratulations!!! 🙂 2 years is a huge goal and you should be very proud!

I didn’t really start having issues with binge eating until about 6 months ago, and I’d been maintaining a significant weight loss for more than 5 years by then. Glad to know I’m not the only one!

It’s good to hear from a fellow maintainer! It sounds like we can definitely relate, especially with the binge eating experiences. I keep asking myself how in the world it started. Now I’m just hoping to eliminate the problem.

I know, it seems like for me it came out of nowhere! I decided to get myself into therapy after I gained something like 5 pounds in a few months. Doesn’t seem like a lot, but my clothes stopped fitting and I was scared by the out of control feelings I would get when I ate. Sometimes I just get in this zone where I keep going back to the kitchen for more and more and I can’t stop myself, even though I am fully aware of what I’m doing. It’s awful. I do think part of the reason it started up is because I stopped taking my anti-depressant in July (though I was actually taking it for anxiety). My psychiatrist recommended getting off it because I was on such a low dose, but I think just that little bit was really helpful. Sooo I called and made an appointment to get back in and start it up again. Do you take any meds?

Your description sounds very much like what I was going through last year. Those out of control feeling are scary like you are being possessed by some unforeseen force. For me it came in spurts where I’d go 3-4 months with no problem and perfect health habits and then out of nowhere I’d go through a crazy spree for 2 weeks. I gained weight but then used dieting strategies to take it all off again. It felt disgusting. That happened a few times and each time I kept telling myself it wouldn’t happen again.
No meds here, although I have a history of anxiety and tend to stress pretty easy. A long time ago I took Zoloft but stopped after a few months because I wasn’t convinced that it was doing anything.

Congratulations on two years! That’s truly incredible 🙂 I’m so happy for you and proud! Keep it up girl!!!

Thank you! I’m so excited to have gotten this far without gaining it all back. This is the longest I’ve ever gone!

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losing50laps says:

I have never heard of the 5 year maintenance to forever. However, it makes sense. You are almost half way. Keep it up!

I’m not sure where I heard or read that, but it gives me something to latch onto! Thank you!

Congrats on hitting 2 years!! I am learning a lot from you, so thank you very much for sharing your ups and downs. I know you’ll figure this out!

Thank you! I love hearing that. I always wonder if my posts might be useful. That is my intent but since it’s done in the style of journaling, I worry that all the me me me talk gets annoying.

Congrats on your maintenance anniversary! What a great thing to celebrate! Here’s to many more years!

Thank you! I’m so excited about getting to 2 years. I’m even more excited that I get a new Zumba set as a personal gift. It’s coming this week!

I love Zumba. It’s definitely on my list of things to get back to when I’m done with half marathon training.

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