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{January 23, 2014}   End of Week Updates

It’s been a pretty good week. I think all work weeks should be 4 days long. 🙂 The downside is sleep. I haven’t been sleeping well, feeling rested, or getting enough sleep in general. Monday night was the worst – It took me 2 whole hours to get to sleep. This is completely out of character for me.  Prior to my 30’s, I’d fall asleep within one minute of my head hitting the pillow.


I love sleep. I also love lasagna, which we are having this weekend.

On Monday my family got together for sushi. My sister and mom love it and the men won’t touch it so they got teriyaki. My sister is trying to convert me to a sushi lover so once again I had sushi.

photo (2)It looks so pretty.

The jury’s still out on my feelings about it. Raw fish doesn’t sit well with my stomach which is a real negative. The flavor is interesting because it’s unlike anything I’ve ever eaten. Do I like it? Not sure. Right now it’s different, interesting, and just ok. I doubt I will ever love it, though. My body sure doesn’t.

Last weekend I picked up some protein bars from the organic section of the grocery store – Kind Bars and ThinkThin bars. I eat home made granola bars for breakfast on week days and I’ve heard good things about these bars, so it was time to try something new.


The one Kind Bar I tried (One of the pecan ones) was pretty good but not exactly what I wanted Tuesday morning. It tasted just ok and it had a good crunch to it. It felt too small to eat for breakfast. Tomorrow I’ll try the cherry one, which sounds more up my alley.

On Wednesday I tried the creamy PB ThinkThin bar. Upon opening the wrapper I was shocked because I assumed it was some kind of granola bar. Instead I saw this:


I was so surprised because it appeared to be covered in chocolate and I really didn’t know what a protein bar is all about because I haven’t really ever tried them. It was pretty good, although I probably won’t be bringing them for breakfast because I’m more in the mood for oats and dried fruit in the morning. I appreciated the pure density of the bar. It was substantial! The downside is the I wasn’t super into the flavor. I wondered why the chocolate didn’t taste very chocolatey and then noticed that the whole thing has zero grams of sugar. Huh.

This week’s finess:

Sunday – Zumba

Monday – Strength – Biggest Loser Boot Camp with Bob Harper

Tuesday – Racquetball (finally!!!)

Wednesday – Rest

Thursday – Strength with Jackie Warner

Friday – We have a racquetball court reserved, so it’s guaranteed to happen!!!

Saturday – We plan to play racquetball if there isn’t a stupid coin show taking up all the parking spaces.


Those thinkThin bars are my absolute favorite — but you’re right they have no sugar added (which is why when I do allow myself to eat processed bars, they’re my go-to)

I’ve had a couple ThinkThin bars this week and now I’m finding that I kind of crave them even though they weren’t what I was expecting. I really love the density and it keeps me fuller for longer.

I’ve never tried the Think Thin bars but I have a stash of Kind bars that I take with me when I travel in case I can’t find a healthy lunch in the airport. They don’t seem breakfasty to me either but they will do for a good lunch in a pinch!

I tried the Chocolate Cherry one today and OMG it was awesome. Still kind of small for breakfast but I loved the flavor since I’m crazy for dried cherries.

Sushi is my all time favorite food! I love it!

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