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{January 26, 2014}   3-Day Weekend: Health Magazines, Sleep, & Family Time


Friday night signifies the weekend and we all know what that means – Sleep! I got 10 hours Friday night. My body has been sending me signals of not enough sleep and overexercising. My muscles are almost constantly sore from the strength training (which is going well!) and mixing cardio on the off-days feels great but also is physically tiring this week for some reason. Today might be good day to take a break.


Health Magazines

In 2013 I had 4 health magazine subscriptions. I asked for some for Christmas and also bought some on my own. That’s a lot of magazines! Not only that, but it’s a whole lot of conflicting recommendations, lowering of self-esteem, and ads. Some positives are that I enjoy reading the success stories and learning new tips and tricks.


Yesterday I read a couple of magazines since it had been several months and noticed that I don’t care for them much anymore. They all say the same things, don’t they? Some of the articles were helpful and contained information that I’d like to use for myself. Other articles contained a lot of diet advice and at this point in my journey those things are not feasible.


Self Magazine had several pages devoted to what you should and shouldn’t do and eat. It gave a blanket amount of calories for all women to lose weight and tips like avoiding alcohol and sugar and very specific meal plans. There’s nothing wrong with that; it just doesn’t pertain to my needs so now a lot of it isn’t very helpful. Last year this kind of structure would have been something that I’d have loved but now I’m surrounded by a whole different world. I wouldn’t say that one world (intuitive eating)  is better than the other (dieting) – This new thing just seems to be working for me so far.


Last night we had Mike’s family over for dinner. We served lasagna, not home-made but still good! It was a lovely night and I enjoyed the time with everyone. Instead of obsessing over food or overeating, I spent my energy in conversations and trying to keep our yappy dog in check. Our nephew spent a significant amount of time playing Final Fantasy XIII on our XBox so I had fun helping him figure out how to strategize killing some of the bosses. This kid is only, what, 7 years old? And he figured out how to play an RPG on his own without any help. Crazy! But it was fun connecting with him on video games.


Food-wise I had a little bit of everything – A crescent roll, Caesar salad, lasagna, and a triple chocolate chunk cookie. I ate what I wanted and listened to my body. Easy peasy. I didn’t even eat my whole piece of lasagna. By the time everyone left around 9:30pm, I was hungry again, though. Maybe it wasn’t the best choice, but I really wanted ice cream so I had some and that satiated me physically and mentally. No guilt.


2014 Goals Update

Racquetball 3x a Week:

We played racquetball Friday AND Saturday. For those who’ve never played, an hour of this takes every ounce of energy left in your body. We played 3 times this week! That aligns with my 2014 racquetball goal. The only problem is that this was the first week all year that we were able to do all 3 days.

Read 25 Books:

I’m on book #14 this year. That’s kind of hard to believe, that it’s still January and I’ve read almost 14 books. Yet my goal for the whole year is 25 books? Hmmm… I think I’m gonna meet that goal. As of February, March, and April, all of this will probably change due to 4 or 5 pre-ordered video games being released – Better get in the reading before the first game comes around!


I’m reading another Rainbow Rowell book, FanGirl. Her writing style is highly engaging! I just want to keep reading and reading and reading.

FANGIRL_CoverDec2012Predicted to finish today. Then on to her other book, Attachments!

Find a Balance with Food:

Intuitive eating is going better than ever. Week #3 and I have managed to not weigh in over the weekend. This is good because I’m known for being obsessed with the scale and numbers. There was a time when I’d weigh in every single morning. Then I switched to once a week which helped. Now I’m aiming for once or twice a month. My body feels great, almost all of my clothes fit, and I’m happy looking in the mirror, so that is what matters most.


I’ve still been tracking but waiting until bed time to do it. That way I go through the whole day without knowing my calorie count and then check it before going to sleep just to see how I did. Every single day my body has proven it can be trusted. Starting this week the plan is to not track at all. No tracking food. No calories, no worrying about if I got the right amount of carbs or protein, none of that.

I might still track my water and exercise even though it’s probably not necessary. FitBit is still acceptable as a fitness motivator, especially since fitness is being separated from food.


Strength Train 2x a Week

Going well! Every week I’ve strength trained twice. My muscles are both thanking and cursing me for it. The muscle soreness has been lasting at least 48 hours. Is that normal? Is it good? Is it bad? I’ve been drinking green tea and eating protein post-workout.

*Are you reading any good books?

*Any weekend plans?

*What are your thoughts on health magazines?


I’ve enjoyed both some family time and some reading time this weekend too.

My dad, his wife, my sister and her boyfriend came over for dinner today to celebrate my dad’s birthday. I made a delicious WW friendly beef stew which went down really well. My sister offered to make the desert as she’s recently become vegan, but she didn’t decide what to make until last minute so I was unable to point it in advance. However, I had a small serving and decided not to get hung up on it as I still had plenty of weeklies left to cover it and have done lots of exercise this week.

Book-wise, you put me to shame! I thought I was doing well being on book 6 of the year (My goodreads target is 48 to equal last year). I finished reading Harlen Coben’s Final Detail which I didn’t really like. I’ve also started High Sobriety by Jill Stark which I’m really enjoying.

Have a good week 🙂

What genre of books do you enjoy reading? The 14 books I read this year so far is totally a fluke. I never read this much, I don’t know what’s gotten into me!

Beef stew sounds nice. Haven’t had any kind of stew in ages. Happy bday to your dad!

j!b says:

Currently watching the hubby play basketball. So far nothing too exciting this weekend. Hoping to get alot of meal prep done tonight. I find health and fitness magazines are so full of advertising that I don’t read then any more.

Does your husband play basketball often? Is he on a team? I haven’t watched a local sports game in ages besides the Seahawks. I’m supposed to go watch the girl’s basketball team at my school in a couple weeks.

j!b says:

Hubby plays in a couple local league basketball games. So he’s playing a couple times a week. This is the first time in years that we’ve gone to watch him. I think we’ll start watching more often. Ooh.. Seahawks!! Are you watching the big game this weekend?

Oh yes! I’m so excited to see the Hawks play the Super Bowl for the second time! A friend is throwing a party so I’m hoping we end up going!

Oh my gosh the dog! I LOVE it.

lol I really needed that rest day, too. I felt like that dog!

I like to read a real variety from crime, to historical fiction, to classics, to modern fiction, to biographies & autobiographies. I also like to read a range of non-fiction including theology, sociology, psychology and health. I am a real bookworm!

We just had a long weekend here in Australia 🙂

The magazines….I have one subscription and I can’t wait for it to end. Lately I have realised how horrible the advice in them is; my plan is take photos of all the terrible advice and out them on social media haha.

I absolutely agree about the magazines! I’m trying to edit my subscriptions so I don’t keep paying for lots of “health & fitness” magazines that just say the same things over and over (and say a lot of things that irritate me along the way!).

I keep trying to get through my excess magazine collection. I still have a couple issues to get through. There are always conflicting or stupid bits of info in them that drive me crazy, but I’m glad to know that I know better, at least. I was surprised to actually find a few useful articles over the past week!

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