Leanne Nalani

{January 30, 2014}   Wait, It’s Thursday?!

How’d that happen? The week and month have both flown by and we’re hurtling toward February.


For Valentine’s Day we had signed up for a special V-Day cooking class in downtown Seattle. While our payment was still processing over the weekend all the spots filled up! How unfair is that? Sheesh. So we’re going back to one of our favorite Seafood restaurants on the waterfront, Salty’s. They put us on a special VIP list since we went there last year, so it’s not all bad. Plus in this situation we don’t have to cook our own food.

Yesterday was an interesting one – I got asked 3 times by students if I played sports. What an unusual question! By the third time I asked students why people keep asking me that – They said I just look like I do and that it was meant as a compliment. How sweet. Must have been the dress I was wearing because my tights showed of my muscular calves which, incidentally, are more genetically muscular even though I do play racquetball, Zumba, and strength train.

Speaking of Zumba! The new Zumba Incredible Results system arrived yesterday. It was supposed to be a rest day, but I was too much like a kid at Christmas so you bet I immediately changed into my brand new Zumba clothes and started doing the 45-minute Zumba Step DVD.

Zumba Incredible ResultsFun! Reminds me of the times when I took step aerobics in high school.


1-z1b00156-gofgMy loving husband told me I looked like a pirate from the 80’s.

*It’s almost the weekend! Are you going to watch the Super Bowl?

*What are you doing for Valentine’s Day?

j!b says:

That’s a little unfair that you’d lose your spot while your payment was being processed. We have no V-day plans yet, most likely just order food in. Can’t wait for Superbowl.. still not sure which team I’m cheering for.

I have the answer for you – Root for Seahawks! I’m only saying that because I’m a Seattlite, but hey if you’re not sure who to cheer for… :p

That’s too bad! That sounded like a great plan for Valentine’s Day. I wish we had something like that around here.

Yeah, it sounded like a fun and unique way to spend Valentine’s Day. No wonder it filled up so fast. There were only 6 spots total! When I first signed up no one had reserved any of them.

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