Leanne Nalani

{February 5, 2014}   A Parade in Seattle

In a world where these are considered souvenirs,

1622241_10202698447399064_1619280145_nThrown with love by Marshawn Lynch

and almost EVERYONE in Western Washington took the day off,

1743634_10201145855674893_737759734_nThe view from Mike’s work building

all classrooms in my south Seattle high school appeared to be mostly empty. Seahawks dominated the city of Seattle with almost 1 million people attending the downtown parade today.


This was the weirdest school day ever. I had 7 students in my advisory this morning. We had 1/4th of our students actually attend class today. Even several of the teachers got subs. It didn’t take long before our principal e-mailed us to say that we could “combine classes” and watch the parade together since clearly not a whole lot of learning was going to happen. We have less than 400 students and like 130 of them were there. In addition, and you’ll love this, she said she’d order pizza and buy pop for EVERYONE. How cool is that?

Around 10:15 or 10:30 I went to the home ec room where all the students crammed themselves around the tables and awaited 25 boxes of cheap pizza and soda. The parade was supposed to start at 11 but technically didn’t start until noon so we all watched the streaming video newscast.

I made my students work today, but at least I was nice about it. Sort of. My first class had to work and learn as if it were a normal day. All 4 of them.

I was really nice to my after-lunch class. I made them work but I took all 7 of them to the home ec room where we continued to watch the parade. Luckily they were all very studious about their AP Lit assignment while they watched.

Crazy day!


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