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{February 7, 2014}   When Weight Loss Goes a Little Too Far

In January 2012 I hit my goal weight of 118 pounds, weighing in at about 117 at 5’2″. It was an amazing feeling to be 60 pounds down, healthy and happy.

82 January 2012117

It was time to learn how to maintain that goal weight, so I slightly increased my calorie intake and continued on for several months. Over time the weight still kept coming off. It felt natural because I wasn’t trying to lose any weight; it just kind of happened. Over 2 months I was down 5 pounds which really wasn’t too much.

85 Age 29 2012 March112

But by summer it kept on coming off. I was ok, even happy, with it. I was weighing in regularly at around 108, a BMI of 19.8. I was strength training and doing a lot of Zumba.

In July I went to a family function and admitted to my mom the I’d weighed in that morning at 105 (BMI 19.2). Was that bad? She expressed concern. I was on the fence wondering if it was ok to be that weight. It shouldn’t have been a question in retrospect. The problem is that I couldn’t see myself as “too skinny”. I thought I looked fine! Just look at those strong calves, right?


Then one day I stepped on the scale and it said 102. While 102 is a BMI of 18.7 for me (18.5 being the lowest acceptable), it was not acceptable. I don’t have a picture. At that point my body was sending me messages that it wasn’t ok to be that weight. Sometimes my leg muscles would randomly give out as if falling asleep while just moving around the house. I’d have extreme cravings. I felt weak even though I strength trained and ate plenty of protein.

102 pounds may also have been the cause of my binge eating issues. In the fall of 2012 that whole thing started. Incidentally that was right around the same time that I was at my lowest weight. Coincidence? Doubt it. That lasted for a year and a half, but on average I’ve hovered between 110-115lbs when not on a binge spree. My last binge spree was in December before starting intuitive eating.

Why am I sharing all this out of the blue? I was thinking about doing a Biggest Loser Finale post but it seems like so many others have already shared their thoughts so instead I wanted to share my own experiences when weight loss goes a little too far. Technically I was never underweight as defined by BMI, but in a way that affirms things even more.


rs_1024x759-140205073728-1024.Rachel-Frederickson-Biggest-Looser.jl.020614  Biggest Loser executives don’t give a crap about the health of their contestants. I feel kind of like an ass for being a regular viewer.


Thank you for sharing. I’ve been wondering when you would bring up The Biggest Loser! lol Watching that episode is the first time I have been truly horrified watching the show. I don’t need to share all of my thoughts on what happened, because it’s the same as what’s all over the internet. I only hope she knew what she was doing and this was a calculated move. I hope she has the strength to get back to a healthy weight.

I felt similarly, that everyone had shared their thoughts and that my own post would be redundant. If her final results were a calculated move then I get it, especially if she intended to get to a healthy weight afterwards, but at the same time she would have still been able to win even if she was at a healthy weight I’m pretty sure. She kind of blew the guys out of the water with her percentage.

I think one difference is that you lost your weight, as you say, “naturally.” (unless I misread). I’m afraid I’m also capable of binge eating… 🙂


Thanks, and yes I definitely took a more natural approach to weight loss when it comes to how much time it took to take it off. If I’d done it BL-style, I probably would have lost all 60 pounds in 2 months. lol

Yankee Girl says:

Thanks for sharing! I think it’s really brave to tell this story and post the photos that go along with it, it’s so hard to get out of that “no weight is too low” mindset — at my thinnest (still heavy, at ~192 pounds at 5’8″) I was basically anorexic, but all the positive reinforcement from people telling me how great I looked was motivation to *keep being anorexic*. Scary.

Thank you, I really appreciate that. Oi, I can imagine how reinforcing that would be to have people compliment you on your weight loss while being anorexic. That would be so difficult to deal with. I know I was at that mindset of no weight being too low. I wanted to see how far I could take it just to say I did it, which in retrospect was a terrible idea!

I was horrified as well when I saw the scale hit 105 pounds for Rachel’s final weigh-in. I’m 5’5″ and I know that 120 pounds is the minimum healthy weight for that height. I knew even before she stepped on the scale that something was wrong. Her arms were so thin and the look on Bob and Jillian’s faces said it all. If The Biggest Loser doesn’t come out and acknowledge that Rachel’s final weight is unhealthy and that they’re getting her some help, I won’t be watching the show ever again.

I don’t know why anyone on BL won’t come out and say something. Why won’t they hold themselves accountable at all? Don’t they realize that makes the public even more angry? I agree that they need to come out and say something at the very least.

Dot2Trot says:

Love this post! I think we are our own worst judges. There are times I look in the mirror and I still see myself much heavier than I am. Very happy you recognized a potential problem. Sadly too many don’t – especially young girls.

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