Leanne Nalani

{February 13, 2014}   The Opposite of a Rest Day

Yesterday was supposed to be my rest day, a day to relax and let my body recover from the daily routines and regular exercise. Typically on a rest day I will get anywhere between 2,000-5,000 steps just by natural movement throughout the day. My normal goal is 8,000 on a day with cardio. Yesterday I got 11,000! Sheesh, that was an unintended exercise day because there was a field trip.

We took our 9th graders to the Seattle Asian Art Museum since they are learning about China in their LA and SS classes. It is not a very large place and we only had about 70 freshmen so we split into 3 groups and wandered throughout the place while the kids had to analyze the paintings and other art pieces.


photoIt’s called “The Black Sun” but most people call it the Donut.

Seattle-Asian-Art-Museum (1)

volunteer park 006


I did a lot of walking because I had to keep track of students and monitor everything. Luckily the staff was very friendly and forgiving around the multitudes of energetic teenagers. We also walked to a tower nearby which  had a lot of stairs so I ended up with 30 floors climbed by the end of the day when I’m usually lucky if I get 10.

Workout Update:

Saturday – Strength with Jackie Warner

Sunday – Zumba

Monday – Zumba

Tuesday – Strength with Jillian Michaels

Wednesday – “Rest” but not really

Today – Racquetball!


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