Leanne Nalani

{February 22, 2014}   No Longer the Scale’s Bitch?

My clothes have been fitting much better since a week or two ago. I haven’t stepped on the scale in 3 weeks so it made sense that I would have lost a few pounds, all things considered.


In fact, I’m almost the exact same weight as 3 weeks ago. My mind has been conditioned over the years to automatically become disappointed so for a second I had a problem with that.


This time I am not scared or angry. This time I am thinking about things, reflecting, and accepting the truth. There are other changes besides that number on the scale.

In January I was at 21% body fat and now I’m at 18%. Muscle weighs more than fat.


I’ve been strength training regularly and I can see and feel it. My clothes fit way better than in January. I noticed the biggest change a week ago when I could zip up my smallest pairs of slacks and jeans. In January I could hardly get them up my thighs.

I also took my measurements this morning. Since January I’ve actually lost 4 inches off my waist alone. 1.5″ off my hips, 1″ off my thighs, and even half an inch off my calves. There were more inches lost in other places, so thinking about the lack of weight loss means pretty much nothing for me right now. I just said that. Isn’t that crazy? Me, the girl who used to obsess over weighing in every single day. The girl who freaked out if she didn’t lose “enough” weight. The girl who always obsessed over getting down to that exact desired weight.


This is not to say that I’m recovered from obsessive thinking, but this is huge progress. I mean, the last time I didn’t weigh in for 3 weeks was when I was 170 pounds. Also, the last time I expected to lose weight and didn’t it ruined my day. Not this time! 🙂

I haven’t been tracking and have been intuitively eating most of the time. Some obstacles included that emotional eating day, the Super Bowl, and Valentine’s Day. I’ve also been snacking more shortly before bed because I don’t want to go to bed hungry. Some of my choices could be better and more satisfying. When we didn’t have yogurt or fruit in the house for two weeks I was going for the sweets instead like the ice cream and chocolate. Lesson learned – Go grocery shopping!

For fun, I just saw this on the new Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon and thought it was worth sharing:


peonut says:

You, missy, are kicking butt at life. Love the mindset – you should be so proud 😀 Keep up the good work!

Thank you! I’m feeling pretty good about things. I think what matters most to me is if I look and feel healthy. Of course I still have a few pounds I’d like to lose but they are cosmetic so I feel like I don’t have to rush it.

Tara Jane says:

Awesome to hear that you’re changing shape! 🙂 You’re so right, the scales are only one part of the story. Glad that you weren’t hit with bitter disappointment when you saw the numbers but that you kept a hold on reality.

Thanks, it is encouraging to not worry so much about the scale. I do with I hadn’t made some choices over the weekend just because I know I overate and didn’t pay much attention to intuitive eating, but at least it was fun.

It is nice to find some decent content for once, I reaaly am getting tired of the never ending drivel I find daily, respect.

Thank you, I really appreciate it. That’s a huge compliment!

This is awesome – wow!! You are truly my inspiration.

Awww thank you, that makes me feel so good! 🙂 I’m really starting to realize some things that I wish I’d recognized a year or two ago. In a way it’s a huge relief now that I’m doing and seeing things differently.

Dot2Trot says:

Congrats! It’s a huge step to not look at the scale as the end all be all when it comes to health! A tape measure tells a more complete story than the scale.

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