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{February 23, 2014}   Weekend Fun

You could say I had a little too much fun this weekend. I have no regrets except for how gross I felt this morning.

Saturday was a rest day and friends came over. You might recall that my best friend Kat was here a few weeks ago and we did some fun crafty art. This time she brought her boyfriend and her sister so we all had fun playing games and making more crafty art.

First we played some Flux and then the Flux board game which was pretty fun.


The crafts we did today were the same melted pony bead art but using smaller pans. We made coasters!

1The bottom left on was made by Kat’s sister. It was supposed to be a wave but we decided it looked like balls.



We all had a blast hanging out. This was Mike’s first time meeting Kat’s boyfriend Eric and they played on the Occulus Rift (virtual reality) for a while. Then the guys came downstairs and made their own pony bead art. Eric went to art school and has some real talent, so of course he had the coolest looking one:

5It’s Twilight Sparkle from My Little Pony

There may have also been some silly string involved.


Naturally this much fun doesn’t come without food (and sometimes alcohol…). Kat brought all kinds of snacks – Pita chips, white cheddar popcorn, tortilla chips with cheesy/bean dip, and yogurt covered Craisins. Then Mike went to the store to grab diet pop and came back with lemon cake. Between the 5 of us we ate everything. I contributed a lot to that! I imbibed quite a bit and snacked the entire day without stopping. That evening I felt super full and super gross. Then I decided it would be smart to eat something “real” so I made a toasted peanut butter sandwich. It didn’t help at all.

This morning I actually got hungry around 10am so I had my oatmeal and coffee but the best thing I could have done was Zumba. I tried their new program’s abs workout which involved a chair – 20 minutes. After that I did the Zumba Rizer (step) DVD for 45 minutes. I still felt gross but much better.

Zumba Incredible Results

Today we went to my parents’ house for dinner. It was nice to catch up since it’s been a while. Since Mike and I both consumed so much on Saturday we decided not to drink any alcohol and take it easy on the eating. I didn’t want anything fried so I avoided the Costco egg rolls and the Doritos but had some nuts and a couple pieces of shumai. I wouldn’t say I took it completely easy on the eating considering my mom made sweet & sour meatballs and Kalua pig and we put them both over sticky rice.

6Sooooo good.

She also made chocolate dobash cake and lemon pudding cake and it was impossible to resist having some of each.

*How was your weekend?

*Eat any fun foods or desserts?


Ummm carrot cake. πŸ™‚ HUGE carrot cake πŸ˜‰

Mmmm I haven’t had carrot cake in a long time. The only person I know who really likes it is my dad, I think.

j!b says:

Weekend on my end was blah.. still can’t taste anything 😦
The weekend prior I definitely ate things that I shouldn’t have and felt really gross afterwards. Good job with the Zumba, I’m sure it helped you feel a little better. All the food at your parent’s house sounds so good!!

Sorry about your crummy weekend. It sucks to not be able to taste foods. Hopefully you are feeling better during the week.

Tara Jane says:

Your weekend sounds like it was super fun. Never heard of Fluxx though!

Oh boy did I eat fun food on the weekend. Family gathering where one Aunty bought $300 worth of BBQ pork – it came with a head and everything! Plus a thousand desserts, pavlova, cakes, cheeses etc. I rolled out of bed on Monday morning haha

Fluxx started as a card game where the only rule is to draw 1 card and play 1 card. As you play the rules change constantly and so do the goals to win. It can last 1 minute or 30 and you just never know what’s going to happen next!

Ooooh your fun weekend foods sound amazing. Desserts are my weakness – What is pavlova?

Tara Jane says:

It’s an amazing soft meringue, cream and fruit Australian dessert. One of my most favourite desserts!


Dot2Trot says:

Love the coasters! But I must ask…What the heck is Fluxx?

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