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{March 13, 2014}   Feeling Better

Post-Binge Update

Since my last post I’m feeling better. Not a ton better but that’s only because I am still working on “detoxing”. My body still feels puffed up and gross but I am drinking  ton of water (140 oz. yesterday), drinking less diet soda, and intuitive eating is keeping me satisfied. Exercise hasn’t been great but I’m hoping to change that today and tomorrow. Sleep actually was pretty bad, too. Since Mike got home yesterday I slept like a baby. Funny how that works.


Something I realized about my weekend binging is … (Guys, you can put your fingers over your ears now and go, “lalalalala!”) that I’ve been PMSing. Sometimes I don’t even notice and sometimes I just go crazy. I didn’t notice this until Tuesday. True that it’s not an excuse but it could have played a part along with being alone and having the desire to secret-eat. Putting those two things together could have been the perfect storm.

Hubby’s Home!

Mike came home yesterday afternoon after being gone on a California road trip for almost a week. He went on his own to visit a friend and kept me updated by posting photos he took along the way. It was fun to see his adventures, things like checking out Mt. Shasta, Mt. Hood, the Deschutes Brewery in Bend, OR, the beautiful weather in Cali, glowing hookahs at a hookah bar, etc. He even brought home leftoever Mirror Pond (my husband’s favorite beer) Mac & Cheese from Deschutes. Yes, it survived the journey home and tasted greasy but amazing.


photo (1)

photo (2)

Having Mike home is kind of like a relief – I’m more at ease, am already sleeping better, eating better, etc.  I missed him a lot. even Loki had a big happy smile on his face all last night. We enjoyed watching The Avengers and just having family time.

Hobbies (What I’ve been up to)

For the past week while Mike was gone, I’d been spending time working and gaming. Lots and lots of gaming. These are my hobby phases – Each hobby comes and goes in spurts. In January I read 16 books while I read zero in February and March because of video games. haha I’m still in the video game phase because so many games have been released lately. Sometimes I’ll go through a knitting phase, too. Last summer I went through a Smashbook phase.

I don’t know if anyone else out there is into video games, but here’s what I’ve been playing:


South Park:The Stick of Truth (Turn-Based RPG) – I haven’t watched South Park since high school, but I LOVED this game! It’s hilariously inappropriate like you can’t possibly fathom.



Final Fantasy XIII: Lightning Returns (RPG) – Fascinating story about the end of the world where the main character works for a god, collecting souls to bring into a newly created world. I enjoyed it far more than I expected because it has time limits which I despise. Mostly it was the story that made it worth playing.



Tales of Symphonia Chronicles (RPG) – The Tales series is always fun, not finished yet.




Professor Layton and the Curious Village, soon to start the Azran Legacy (Puzzle) – These games are appealing because they mix decent story telling with solving brain teasers.

*Do your hobbies go in phases? What do you do for fun?

*How is your week going?


So glad you’re doing better hun, and glad hubby is home and safe!

Thank you! Things are going much better now that I no longer feel gross and am back into my normal routines.

I’m glad you’re feeling better! I didn’t realize there was a new Professor Layton game. I’ve done the Curious Village but not the Azran Legacy. I’ll have to add that to my wish list. One of my fondest memories of my honeymoon is actually playing Professor Layton on the DS with my husband on our flight out to California. 🙂

The new one is 3DS. My first Layton game was Miracle Mask which was a lot of fun, but that one is also 3DS. So cool to hear that you have a DS, too!

Haha, I’ve been playing the Stick of Truth as well 🙂 I’m playing a mage…

I played a warrior. Mike just started playing it today and he of course wanted to see what the Jew was all about.

Nintendo DS, so glad your better! My hobbies totally come and go, except blogging ha ha !

Oooh that’s a good point! I don’t stop blogging, that is a hobby that doesn’t go in phases, which is a good thing!

Tara Jane says:

Glad you are feeling better and that your husband is home! I think I’d miss mine a lot if he went away for a whole week too 🙂

Yeah, we spend almost every hour when we’re not at work together so it’s especially challenging when we are away for days. But at the same time it’s healthy for us to be apart every once and a while, you know?

My hobbies definitely go in phases. Right now I’m in a drawing and print making phase. Before I left for Calgary I cleaned out some bins under my desk and discovered all kinds of knitting that I had started and didn’t finish. I’ll go back to that for sure. In the summer I’m usually into reading big time and I used to do a lot of cross stitch. Glad you’re feeling better.

It’s great to discover unfinished things when you feel motivated to finish them. Sometimes I totally forget about things I was in the middle of (video games and books included) and never go back to them which is disappointing. It’s hard to get back into a story you haven’t been involved in for a long time.

I also read a lot in the summer. I used to do a lot of cross stitch growing up and really enjoyed it.

Michelle says:

My hobbies are the same way. This winter it was crochet. Years ago (when I had time and space) it was scrapbooking, and I often go on binge reading sprees. None of which are particularly active pursuits. I can’t wait to scrapbook again after this whole thesis saga is finally over at the end of April! I’ll have space and time and can work on catching up the memories from the last 5 years (yes I’m 5 years behind!!!)

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