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{March 17, 2014}   Wine and Chocolate

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

photo (8)…And all the students go, “What? It’s St. Patrick’s Day?”

This weekend was a pretty fun one. We watched a lot of movies, ate junk food, and I got to do another wine and paint night.

On Saturday after racquetball we went to get pho at our usual spot. This time I decided I wanted to get bubble tea since it sounded good. The catch? I’d never ordered bubble tea from this place before.

photoThe pho is always tasty.

The smoothie was kiwi and it tasted great! The tapioca was disgusting, though. It wouldn’t go through the straw! After I’d drank most of the smoothie, I tried the “bubbles” – They were hard and almost crunchy and several were even stuck together. GROSS. I am never ordering bubble tea from that place ever again.

That night we air-popped some popcorn and watched Ender’s Game. I read the book back in December and liked it. The movie lived up to the book pretty well. We were thoroughly engaged the entire time because there were a lot of exciting/suspenseful moments. Several parts of the book were not included but that makes sense, otherwise it would be another one of those way-too-long movies that I don’t have the attention span to sit through. That’s why we still haven’t seen The Hobbit.

Enders-Game-PosterI liked that all the kid actors were not A-listers.

On Sunday we saw Frozen, another good one. It’s been entirely too long since Disney has made a musical film. As someone who grew up obsessed with Disney, this brought me back to my childhood. Frozen’s story had a lot of parallels with Beauty and the Beast, my number one favorite Disney movie. In a way that was disappointing.

Frozen-movie-posterDisney is following it’s same old formula in a different way. Oh well, at least the music was fun.

That night I went to a really cool birthday party celebration. Another paint night! This one was a private event just for the birthday girl and her friends and family. She even got to choose the painting we did. Booze and chocolate were provided by family while we all attempted to follow directions painting Van Gogh’s Starry Night with Dr. Who’s Tardis.

*Side Note: I forgot to mention that we did our taxes earlier that day. It took over 2 hours on Turbo Tax, half our documents hadn’t been sent to us in the mail so we had to find it all online, and the whole experience was very stressful. I’m not the only emotional eater in the household and it spurred Mike to order two pizzas. Since I was also stressed and mentally exhausted I ate two pieces which normally would have been fine. Except that there was wine and chocolate at the birthday party.

photo (2)These were GIANT strawberries. I ate at least two of the white chocolate ones.

photo (3)I had at least two of those chocolate covered pieces of 2-layer chocolate cake on the right and one of those huge chocolate covered eclairs on the left. Did I mention how many pieces of boxed chocolates I ate from the box on the bottom left over there?

Then there were two big mimosas and a glass of red wine. By the time I got home I had a big headache! Then I decided it was a good idea to fill a tortilla with refried beans and cheese just to offset all the sweets. But I was so full already…

Anyway, the painting itself was a whole lot of fun. It was neat to see how different everyone’s turned out.

photo (7)This is mine. I’m pretty happy with it except for the windows.

After getting home and having that silly burrito Mike and I watched Planes, Trains, & Automobiles since neither of us had seen it before.

MV5BMjE4MzI2MTY5MF5BMl5BanBnXkFtZTcwOTY2NTA0OQ@@._V1_SX214_Gotta love the classics.

This got me to bed an hour late and then a really terrible night’s sleep thanks to all that junk food! There is a consistent pattern – Eat too much junk food and get a bad night’s sleep. It also seems to coincide with staying up later than usual.

*How was your weekend?

*Are you celebrating St. Patrick’s Day?

All those chocolates! I would have had zero self control!

It was so nice to meet you @ the wine painting 🙂 I love your blog! I’ve only read a couple posts but I feel really connected with your message. Thank you for sharing!!!!!

Tara Jane says:

I love those chocolate covered strawberries, and I love the painting party. I’ve never heard of having a painting party before but it sounds like a really fun concept. 😀

shakib786 says:

Nice blog to published wine and choclate

Natalie says:

You seem to have had a real fun-filled couple of days – and I love your painting! Very Van Gogh, Starry Night 🙂

Thanks, I like this one better than my other paint night paintings because it’s more than just a landscape image.

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