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{March 24, 2014}   Too Much Flexibility

Happy Monday!

I hope everyone had a great weekend. Mine was relaxing. I feel pretty good about myself with exercise and eating just in the past couple days. On Sunday we had brunch to celebrate my brother-in-law’s 40th birthday. Make your own omelets!

photoInstant coffee with creamer and sugar mixed in. My sister-in-law says it’s popular in Asia.

photo (1)Apparently I like mushrooms now. I always used to hate them.

We had angel food cake with strawberries and Cool Whip for dessert and I skipped out on the cinnamon rolls since I feel like I’ve had way too much sugar lately. Then our niece and nephew showed us their Wii U dance game and of course we were forced had to join in the fun!

Finding a Balance

Remember how one of my big goals this year is to find a balance? Well, it turns out that imbalance is starting to go the other direction. Instead of too many rules and too much structure, there are too few rules and not enough structure. I’ve been getting too flexible and letting things go, the consequence is that I’m not maintaining my weight as well anymore.

I tend to take things literally to a fault. The intuitive eating books spend a great deal of time addressing the importance of not having rules around food because that is a “diet mentality”. My take-away was that I should listen to my body, eat what I really want to eat when hungry, and stop when full. There are other important principles, but these were the major ideas around what to eat and when.

The downfall is that I thought it would be ok to snack on things when hungry rather than choosing more satisfying and filling meals. It’s what I really want to eat, right? After dinner if I got hungry before bed I’d go to the kitchen and take a few bites of ice cream. Then maybe I’d have a small piece of chocolate. Then maybe I’d have a little bit of trail mix. While those things taste good and may be what I really want at the time, they aren’t always the best choice and tend to have negative repercussions.

Goals and Boundaries

I need a hybrid between intuitive eating and structure. Setting some boundaries and having some goals might be helpful. This week I’d like to eat less sugary treats daily because that is becoming a regular thing and in the end it doesn’t feel to respectful to my body. Maybe one treat a day would be ok if I really want it. I’d also like to do less snacking and more eating of foods that make me feel full and satisfied. Also, instead of eating Lean Pockets for lunch at work it’s time to go back to eating some real food that I like way better. Lean Pockets are kinda gross, yo.


The other thing I’m reflecting on is my triggers to overeat. I used to assume it was because I was depriving myself of something and that I was going through the “last supper” motions but that can’t be right. Even with intuitive eating and never depriving myself of anything, the exact same feeling/possession took hold. I was powerless and out of control but it wasn’t because of deprivation. It was because no one was going to be there for an extended period of time. My last binge was planned ahead and I knew I was going to be alone for days and that is what triggered it. Why does that even matter or make sense? I don’t know but it’s definitely the trigger. What do I do with this information? I’m not sure yet but I’m reading up on it.


You are so open and honest with both your ups and downs — I really appreciate that 🙂

Thank you! I like talking about the downs as much as the ups because it helps me process what is going on and what to do about it. Hearing feedback from others is also super helpful!

I tend to do the same thing when my husband is gone for a hunting trip and it’s just me and the kids. Then they go to bed and I pig out. Luckily he isn’t gone much.
You raise some great points. I do think overall we should eat real food to nourish our bodies. I think where the intuitive eating can play nicely is if you’re going out with friends or having some kind of celebration. It gives you freedom to relax and enjoy the foods you really like, without them becoming an every day occurrence.
Once I get sugar in my system, it triggers me to want more and more and more. I’d love to get to where I can have just a bite or two of something, but am definitely not there yet.

It feels like I’m learning new things all the time while trying to figure out this balance and recognizing when things go astray. I like what you mentioned about using intuitive eating for going out because that is where it has come into the best use for me so far. I am no longer afraid to go out more than once in a weekend and don’t avoid those types of situations.

As for sugar, you are right about wanting more and more! It’s so true, isn’t it? I’ve been eating some sugar occasionally this week and usually it’s a small treat in the middle of the day instead of before bed. It has been helpful so far because I don’t feel that need for sugar after dinner, which was somewhat of a habit.

Colin DeWaay says:

Just means you’re still finding your balance! Have you ever tried IIFYM? Sounds like it could possibly help. It’s more of a bodybuilder type of diet, but it works well for flexible dieting. Just a thought anyway! Good luck!

I’ve never heard of IIFYM, I’ll have to look it up. Thanks for mentioning it!

losing50laps says:

Balance is my biggest struggle. I am getting closer every day…I just need to remember it will take time.

Yes, it does take time. I’ve been struggling with balance for a long time and am continuously experimenting and having to try different things out.

Yay!! Mushrooms!!!

I still haven’t tried those big ones they use in burgers. Maybe that’s my next step.

Tara Jane says:

I think you’ve touched on a really good point – sometimes what our body craves and what it wants aren’t actually good for it. I find that I have to exercise my willpower muscle a lot more when there is caramel mud cake around (like the one I baked in the kitchen) but if I know that six pieces of cake isn’t good for me, as much as my body actually wants it. So I think I’m trying to find the balance as well – I guess we all are! Sometimes structure and rules helps us to teach our bodies what to want.

Good input. I’m implementing more structure this week and it seems to be helping, but as usual only time will tell for me since my binges tend to happen after a few months. I’ll have to keep monitoring things through May and June. If I can get past those months then I’ll know I’m making more progress.

Whenever my husband is away, I plan a binge. Have no idea why. I enjoy having the house to myself so I don’t think it’s a comfort thing. It’s weird. I have noticed that as I’m becoming more focussed on my weight loss the binges are at least getting smaller.

That’s always good that your weight loss efforts are helping your binges get better. I’d like to see mine get smaller and last less time. They’re infrequent but when they happen they go for days and days.

I can’t tell you how much I appreciate your honesty about the struggles in finding a balance in eating! I think there really isn’t an answer that fits everyone and while “intuitive eating” is right for some people, I don’t know that everyone could make it work. “Intuitive” is so very individual by definition and my intuition wants chocolate too often for that to work for me, I suspect. 🙂

Thank you! And I agree that it’s different for everyone. I’m finding that IE is working as long as I’m somewhat conscientious about it. Digging into the ice cream every day just because I’m hungry doesn’t make too much sense!

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