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{March 25, 2014}   Feeling 100%

Happy Tuesday night! As the title implies, that’s how I feel so far this week. It helps that I took today off as a personal day to spend with Mike, relax, and recharge.

Monday was stressful with a lot of behavior management with our freshmen all day long. Is there a full moon out? They are normally immature and make occasional terrible choices, but this week something seems extra off. I know it’s only Tuesday but judging from Monday and the suspensions that took place today while I was away from the chaos…

Here’s hoping tomorrow goes smoothly. Let’s talk about Monday night!

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Mike’s older sister came over to spend the day with him. This was not an ordinary day – She wanted to experience our world and learn what it’s like to play video games. She came equipped with home made cookie dough and sweat pants. They ordered pizza from our local Indian pizza place so there was buttery chicken pizza and their insane cheesy bread that we affectionately/appropriately call “bready cheese”.

As someone who had never played video games before, his sister got nauseous a few times and had to stop. I wonder what it would be like to enter someone else’s lifestyle that is very different from my own.

As for myself, the moment I got home I said hello and then went straight to Zumba Bollywood. I wasn’t interested in the pizza. Frankly, I’d binged on pizza a couple weeks ago so looking at it was somewhat unappetizing. Then they wanted to bake the cookies and needed my help since they were busy, so I baked the cookies and enjoyed one. It was very satisfying as a treat and I didn’t need more than that.

Captain Phillips

In the evening Mike and I watched Captain Phillips. If you haven’t seen it you should consider checking it out. It was very, very intense and suspenseful. Watch it!

Today was a very nice day off. Mike and I played racquetball at 11am, which is pretty much my prime performance time of the day. Why is 11am the best time for me to exercise, yet that is not even close to feasible due to work?

The majority of the day was spent at home gaming and hanging out together. Around 2:30 I did strength training because Wednesday is my scheduled rest day and the strength training had to get done prior.

After that I felt pretty amazing. Keeping powered with good foods, taking care of myself physically and mentally, and ready to take on the rest of the week.

Ate a chocolate chip cookie before dinner and it was delectable. 🙂

I am in the middle of reading a book that I’m hoping can offer some help with binge eating. Maybe I’ll talk about it when I’m done. So far it’s really dry and has only offered information but no help. That is the second half.

*Have you ever entered someone else’s world/lifestyle that was very different from yours? What was it like?

*Seen any good movies lately?



cathyo says:

I would love a personal day. I didn’t want to get out of bed today at all. I slept like a lot and felt like I could sleep a lot longer. I thought about emailing the office that I wouldn’t be In and just sleep all day…but my housekeeper was coming today and she cools t change the sheets if I was in the bed…So I got up and went to work. Oh well. It was a good day at the office so it wasn’t too bad.

I haven’t seen many movies lately. Saw American hustle. It was pretty good. I’ve heard Wolf of wall street is good. Long, but good.

Good thing you had a good day at the office and that it was worth going in as opposed to taking a day off. I’m trying to take it one day at a time right now. It’s just that time of the school year when everyone is stressed.

Those really long movies are hard for me to sit through. I’m not usually into movies like American Hustle or Wolf of Wall Street but since they won awards and people really seem to enjoy them, maybe I’ll rent them soon.

I loved the movie Captain Phillips.

It was soooo good! Not usually a movie I’d be first in line to watch but I’m sure glad I did.

Tara Jane says:

Personal days with the husband are the best – I have friends that call them “mental health days” because they can only benefit your mental health 🙂

Some school districts also call them mental health days and even let their employees use sick days as if they were mental health days. I wish my district did that because we only get a couple personal days a year.

We watched The Birder’s Guide to Everything last weekend. It was fun & sweet!!

I’ve never heard of that movie. What is it?

I’ll have to watch that movie!
So glad you had a great day. Spending a day in someone else’s life would be fun!

It might scare me to do something so different but a worthwhile thing just to see what it would be like and open up to new ideas.

SO glad you’re feeling better – and eating some yummy lookin’ foods!

Yummy foods are important for sure! No deprivation here but no bingeing, either.

That’s so cool that she wanted to see your world a little better (and OMG bready cheese sounds like heaven !).

Oh totally heaven in the greasiest of ways. There’s nothing quite like it!

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