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{March 29, 2014}   Weekend

I couldn’t think of a title so there it is.

Lots of stuff is happening and I haven’t written in a few days, so let’s see… Big news coming up for us (no, I am NOT pregnant) that I’ll share soon.

First, my sister posted a beautiful family-oriented post on her blog. It’s so thoughtful and reminds me of when our grandparents were around.

This work week was manageable but I’m unhappy at work in general. I think I’m just tired. Is it summer break yet? Oh wait, spring break is just around the corner. Woohoo!

Book Review(ish)

I finished that book I mentioned. I wasn’t sure if I should post it because it was pretty boring but it did contain some helpful items. I’m sick of talking about the B word but the fact is that it’s a very real problem for many people out there and it’s important for me to get this issue contained in my life.


The bad:

It was very dry and not very interesting to read so it was hard to get through. Half of the book explains different eating disorders and how binge eating plays into them. I just wanted to get to the part that gives strategies for overcoming binges. I didn’t expect so much information about specific eating disorders. I had to skip a lot of sections that didn’t apply because there was quite a substantial amount of information on anorexia and bulimia.

I also had a hard time relating to many components of the book, which led me to doubt my own problem. I started thinking that maybe I was blowing my own issue out of proportion because I’m not anorexic or bulimic and I clearly don’t have binge eating disorder based on the description. Maybe I didn’t actually have a problem?

The good:

Some strategies given in the second half of the book sound useful. The author highly recommends that people follow the cognitive behavioral program step by step and don’t move on until each step has been in practice for a period of time, but I wanted to see all the cards on the table.

Ideas I found helpful:

Weigh in once a week (I already do that).

Distracting yourself during the strongest urges to binge – Finding active and realistic things I’d like to do.

Identifying urges to binge and working through those thoughts using problem solving.

Steps for problem solving – Identify the problem, come up with possible solutions, consider the outcomes of each solution, choose the best one, implement, reflect.


Journaling is what this is all coming down to for me. Problem solving in an electronic journal, keeping track of my thoughts, and monitoring are my next steps. The distraction piece seems helpful but I have tried that before and it hasn’t worked.


There was a step that requires you to monitor all food intake (not the calories) and write everything down. Since I’m not tracking anymore I will not be doing that, but I still do write down the foods I eat when I binge. I looked up records from an old electronic journal and realized that 2013 was a lot worse than I thought. I was truly surprised to find that the pattern was not happening every few months but instead seemed to be happening most months. Over the course of the year the number of days per month kept increasing, too. That just confirms that this is something I need to continue working through and that I shouldn’t “doubt” the issue just because a book describes other people’s situations that are very different from mine.

It kept getting worse and now it’s time to make progress. This year March was the only month so far.

Last Week in Health and Fitness

This past week in health I’ve been even-keeled and doing pretty well with health and exercise. I beat my husband at a game of racquetball (yes, miracles do happen), did Zumba and got in 2 excellent days of strength training. I’ve been eating more satisfying and filling foods for lunch at work, too.

One problem has been the diet mentality, though. I’ve been focusing more on eating “just enough” – Just enough to fill my stomach when I’m hungry, just enough not to go to bed hungry, pretty much no treats all week, all for the purpose to lose weight. To me that is forcing a diet with few indulgences which is unsatisfying.

On Tuesday night I woke up at midnight and couldn’t get back to sleep. Since I was half-awake it took about a half-hour of tossing and turning to figure out that I was starving. I had to get up and eat a snack in order to get back to sleep. This goes to show I wasn’t eating nearly enough.

For the coming week, I need to get a treat or two in there along with eating enough food to be more than just barely full.

Today it’s getting near 10pm and I’ve been so distracted all day that I haven’t eaten much. Time to go find something to eat.


Tara Jane says:

Good review of the book. It’s good that you’ve got systems in place to start managing habits and taking control of them. Perhaps the recent under-eating is linked to the binging? Although you say you’ve only slipped up once this year – that’s awesome progress btw. Good job!

I think you are right about under-eating. Any time I under eat for more than a day at a time, or even times when I was underweight a long time ago, it risked a binge episode.

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