Leanne Nalani

{April 1, 2014}   Celebrating

One of the big things that happened recently is this: Mike got a new job. Yay! His old Georgia-based company shut down its Seattle branch so it is exciting news that he was able to find a great (probably better) job in so little time. Everything was official yesterday so we went out to celebrate after racquetball.

photo (3)Celebratory drinks!

We tried a steak house we’d never been to called Melrose Grill.

photo (2)

We enjoyed our fun drinks in a great atmosphere, nice low lighting and wooden booths. Mike ordered steak with these yummy Parmesan crusted Yukon potatoes.

photo (6)Mike wasn’t that into them, but I thought it actually complimented my meal better anyway.

photo (5)Stuffed pork chop – Filled with candy pecan stuffing and topped with apple cranberry relish.

I’m not usually a pork chop fan but it just sounded too good and it really was! The waitress said it was like Thanksgiving dinner and she was not off the mark. I ate half of it and took the rest home with Mike’s potatoes. I’m looking forward to dinner tonight!

After that we went for the chocolate torte, which was something neither of us had tried before. Chocolate torte = Rich, dense cake that is kind of like a truffle or a dense mousse. They served it over a raspberry sauce with whipping cream on the side. Mmmmmmm, even though we barely had room, it was worth it.

Our final evaluation? We will be going back there for future special occasions.

I’m really excited for Mike and for us. It was for sure a happy Monday!


Congrats Mike! 🙂 That’s exciting!

Thank you! 🙂

Tara Jane says:

Oh that must be such a relief for Mike. Well done! Worth celebrating 🙂

It is. Luckily the process of finding a new job for him was not as stressful as you’d expect. It’s nice that the Seattle area has no shortage of tech jobs.

I’m assuming that Mike’s new job doesn’t require you packing up and moving. My friend just moved to Portland in October from Toronto because her boyfriend’s company transferred him there. Unfortunately that branch office just closed but they kept him on but now they are moving to St. Louis. Her job is still here for her if she returns in the next year or so. I miss her terribly.

Nope, no packing up or moving. Since we live in the Seattle area and he has a tech job, we’ll probably never have a reason to leave unless it’s by choice. I’m sorry about your friend having to move. That must be tough on her and on her friends and family she had to leave behind.

cathyo says:

Nice that hubs found found something in the same city so quickly. I read a lot about people picking up and moving half way across the country for new jobs. That dinner looks amazing. The chocolate torte sounds like something I would love…chocolate…can’t go wrong there!

Several of our friends packed and moved due to work which is kind of exciting and sad at the same time. New opportunities are wonderful but friends and family miss them a lot.

Congrats! Sounds like it is working out well! Hope he enjoys the new job.

Thanks! He’s looking forward to going back to work.

Congrats to Mike!

Thank you! Mike just started his new job today and I’m so excited for him. It’s nice to have that relief that he could get back to work so soon.

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