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{April 9, 2014}   Problem Solving/Journaling

Well, it’s Wednesday and I hope everyone’s week has been going well. I’ve been kicking back for the most part, taking good care of my mind and body. Journaling so far has been incredibly helpful as a way to reign in the food demons.


I was worried about Monday. This way the day Mike started his new job and I would be all alone in the house for spring break for a whole week. These are the times I am most susceptible to binge eating. I could have easily spent the entire week in 3,000-5,000 calorie days. Something about secret eating… What is it? Do the calories not exist if no one else sees it?

I’ve mentioned it before, but here is how I am using a journal to process things. First, I identify possible bumps in the road ahead of time. This is probably key! If you don’t consider the near-future problems, it’s hard to solve them in the moment. Second, I answer these questions:


What is the problem or problems?

What are all the possible solutions?

What are the likely outcomes of each solution?

Which solution(s) is the best? Do it!

Reflect on how it went (next day).


I have found that the solutions I write and which ones work best often go hand in hand. Most of the time the solutions I come up with can all be done together and so I sometimes decide it makes more sense to implement them all. For example, here is my journal from Sunday, planning for Monday:

Date(s)/Topic: 4/6/14 Monday Spring Break

What is the problem or problems? Tomorrow is the first day of spring break and I will be alone all day. This often triggers a binge.

What are all the possible solutions?

  1. Set up the morning as a fun ritual with coffee, oatmeal, and GMA + Kelly & Michael while blogging. Rituals are good sometimes. 🙂
  2. Weigh in.
  3. Zumba Concert (Exhilarate) at 10 or 11.

What are the likely outcomes of each solution?

  1. I will be distracted and enjoying my time relaxing, so I won’t feel the need to go to Fred Meyer and buy junk food like I used to.
  2. I will be able to see my weight which will keep me motivated to continue making healthier choices.
  3. Zumba always makes me feel great and accomplished.

Which solution(s) is the best? Do it! All solutions are kind of necessary so I will do all 3.


Now here is my reflection on how it went:

Reflect on how it went (next day).

My Monday couldn’t have gone better. I did my morning coffee/oatmeal ritual, blogged, enjoyed the morning, and did 50 minutes of Zumba Concert. I also weighed in. It had only been  a couple days since I last stepped on the scale but I needed it for motivation. Didn’t matter which direction it went, it might keep me from binge eating. Turns out I’m a pound down from Saturday!

I had been a little disappointed in Saturday’s WI because I had maintained my weight for the week but I also understood it because I’d been eating plenty of food all week. Some days I kind of had 2 dinners, both small/medium dinners but still more than I needed. Monday’s big dinner was way more than I needed (indulgence) and Friday I also ate quite a bit extra because we were out with M & B and it was completely unexpected. With two decent-sized indulgences and regular days filled with eating a little more than what my body really needed, maintaining my weight was perfectly fair.

Then on Saturday I went to the Lion King and I ate just the right amount of food but it felt like an indulgence because I ate Italian food, bread, drank 3 glasses of wine, bites of desserts, a few Red Vines… Stuff like that. Breakfast on Sunday morning also felt pretty indulgent (French toast casserole with syrup, a fried egg, bacon, and fruit) even though it totally didn’t keep me full more than 2 hours.

Anyway, it was a pleasant surprise to see a loss Monday morning.

I did my 50 minutes of Zumba concert and then spent the rest of the day watching TV or distracting myself with a new video game. I wasn’t craving any foods, so that helped. I had no interest in eating ice cream or chocolate or Velveeta Shells & Cheese or any of that. I just wanted to enjoy the day off and that’s what I did!

Other Events

Yesterday I joined my family for lunch and then saw Divergent with my sister. We went to The Ram and I ordered what I wanted, the Turkey Havarti Melt. What is nice is that you can order half a sandwich with a side so I got a half sandwich with a side of waffle fries. Yum! Unfortunately fried food doesn’t sit too well with me but sometimes it’s worth the pain. Right?

Divergent was good. I thought they did a nice job putting the book on the big screen and am looking forward to the rest of the trilogy. I’m also very excited for the Maze Runner and The Giver! LOVE dystopian stuff. I grew up with The Giver and The Maze Runner series is also really cool. Previews below!

The Maze Runner


The Giver


 *Does fried food cause you pain? Is it worth it?

*Looking forward to any of these movies?



Love your dedication. I should make a page on my blog unrelated to fiction and just have it be “food log” or something. mess with people’s heads…

haha Yeah, people might get thrown off a little!

Tara Jane says:

Hey congratulations! The journaling seems to really help 🙂 Well done for enjoying your day and not binging. Also have been meaning to read Divergent, have heard so many good things.

Thanks! Divergent is a great series. There are so many worthwhile dystopian reads out there.

I absolutely know what you mean about the Velveeta Shells & Cheese. Congrats on getting through the day! Thanks for sharing the journaling process. It is so helpful to see it in action.

I always assumed I could do that kind of mental processing in my head but it’s so much more helpful to type it out. I think I should have considered planning for each day this week. Yesterday I didn’t binge but I did eat a good deal of sweets out of the blue. Then I later realized it could be because it’s that time of month which I completely overlooked.

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