Leanne Nalani

{April 10, 2014}   Forgot About One Thing

Have you ever gone around the kitchen snacking on various things but never finding what you want because you don’t even know what you want? All you know is that you have a serious case of the munchies and nothing is satisfying? Yeah, me too.

It was late last night that it occurred to me – Oh. It’s that week.

Which may have explained why I dug into a small bowl of ice cream after getting home from running an errand around 2pm. I didn’t feel any cravings all day or even all week and yet the moment I arrived home I felt the need for Cold Stone. It wasn’t a binge by any means, but it was that feeling of enjoyment followed by, “What else is there to eat?”snackinghomer

So I ate a Samoa and a couple Lancaster caramels and then followed that up with four or five Starburst. It was an unsatisfying sampling of sweet stuff for no apparent reason. It happens – It’s no big deal.

I’m only bothered because of how seemingly random and out of nowhere it was. It felt a little bit like “gasping for food” but not really… It was that moment where you are trying to pinpoint a certain food you really want to eat but in the end there is no food that meets whatever the hell need it is that you can’t identify in the first place. Does that make any sense?

It’s not that random after taking a moment to think about it. I thought about it around bed time and then gave myself a guilt-free pass. Hormones can be a bitch.PMS

At least among the snacking I did some cleaning. Lots of dog-related cleaning. Loki got his nails clipped at the vet and then I gave him a bath. Then I did some tidying up around the house and lit some new pretty scented candles from Bath & Body Works.



My favorite scent – Red Guava Lava




Island Waters – I let this one go for a little too long and our bedroom smelled a little too pretty come bed time.

*Do you know what I’m talking about?

*Do you ever get snack attacks where nothing hits the spot?


I hate the endless hungry that comes that time of month! Grrr!

What is a “small bowl” of ice cream?
I have cravings for waffles, frequently. And pie 😦

Mmmm I love pie but since it’s never around I never eat it. We always have ice cream on hand. My small bowl was probably about a cup of ice cream. But a cup of Cold Stone is at least 400 calories!

Michelle says:

I used to go from snack to snack to snack like that. Now I try to find a combo that might work. Like salty and sweet, or fruit and chocolate so I at least get full from it.

That sounds like a good idea. I was cycling through all the sweets, but I’ll bet my body wanted something completely different like protein or something.

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