Leanne Nalani

{April 13, 2014}   Fair Day

Saturday was fair day! The Washington State fair always hold a mini fair in the spring. It’s just one weekend to get out and enjoy the ever-elusive good weather and today we enjoyed it with my bestie, Kat and her boyfriend, Eric.

photo (2)Goats! And my best friend I’ve known since 2nd grade. 🙂

photo (3)Mini Horses!

photo (1)Dudes carving sculptures with chainsaws!

photoDogs that jump into water?

We started with looking at all the cute animals like cows, cool looking birds, bunnies, and pigs. Most of the pigs we saw were between 200-300 pounds but did you know that the world’s largest pig was over 2,500 pounds? What would that even look like? That’s what one of their fun facts said, at least.

We got ice cream cones and walked around. Lots of walking is always to be had at the fair. At some point we stopped for lunch and Mike really wanted roasted corn. Unfortunately that stuff is hard to find because there’s usually only one or two places at whole the fair where you can get it. After searching unsuccessfully we gave up and decided to get piroshki’s. I’d never had one Mike sold me on it because he said it was like a more awesome sandwich. Of all the menu items the most interesting-looking one was called a red cossack which had potatoes, sausage, and dill. We were expecting something like this:


But instead we got something more like this:

pic4Ta8U1Sausage and potatoes smothered in dill sauce. Huh.

Turns out I really don’t like dill. I hate pickles so that makes sense. It was a bunch of baked potatoes topped with low quality sausage slices and covered in a ton of green dill sauce. I couldn’t eat more than a few bites so lunch was a bust. On the bright side I tried something new, right?

Mike and I went solo to ride the old Zipper together. Turns out it was closed for maintenance which wasn’t exactly surprising since it’s a very old ride.


Instead we chose to try the Inverter. Not exactly the craziest ride in the world but it does go upside down.

photo (4)

photo (5)

photo (6)It hangs you upside down for a little bit. Pretty fun!

And guess what? Someone pointed out where the roasted corn was!

photo (7)

We met back up with our friends and walked around some more. There is a showplex with a ton of stands selling all kinds of stuff. Waiting in line, a woman pointed out my FitBit and talked about how she recently replaced her clip holder. Hey, so did I! Turns out those clips don’t last longer than a year if you use your FitBit One regularly.

Of all the fun and crazy things sold at the fair Mike and I ended up purchasing what I like to call “adult Kool Aid” aka Nectar of the Vine.

We got tired and went home mid-day but not before snacking on some cotton candy and famous fair scones. On the way home we picked up a bottle of vino and made our yummy concoctions.

photo (8)We tried the pomegranate flavor tonight, one batch with chardonnay and one batch with spiced rum (for another day).

photo (9)Mix booze with powder and water, freeze for 3-4 hours, thaw for a bit, then mix with a wire whisk and you get an extra fun slushy.

This stuff does not taste alcoholic and it does taste amazing. All in all a good day.

Journal-wise I feel like I barely ate anything today although I know I consumed a good deal of calories. What I really wanted all day was a scone and I achieved that goal. At one point in the evening I started eating sweets like a couple girlscout cookies, some chocolate, and some ice cream but I know it was because of the alcohol. Eventually I snapped myself out of it and went on with my life.


Those adult slushies look awesome!

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