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{April 23, 2014}   Days 1-3

Today is Day 3 of using the Beck Diet Solution mixed with other things I’ve learned from Intuitive Eating and support from my MFP buddies. I’m so excited to be doing Beck again and even more excited to have friends on MFP now.

MyFitnessPal (Find me at zessa18)


Thank you so much to those who have friended me! It means a lot. This brings a whole new dynamic to MFP because we can comment and thumbs-up each other like on Facebook, see each other’s progress, etc. Being aware of the fact that others can view my food diary should help me stay accountable. Seeing how others are doing is also motivating!

Before this week, I would never accept friend invitations to MFP because I didn’t want anyone seeing my food diary. I didn’t know you could hide it. I always log what I eat even when I binge, so I think maybe I will be less likely to do it if I know you can see it.


The Beck Diet Solution Workbook

photo (3)


As of today I’ve read the introduction, the basics of the program, and the first three days. The book has a total of 42 days where you practice the workbook strategies along with your self-chosen health plan.

This being my 2nd time dedicated to cognitive behavioral therapy, I’ve started the workbook while using my current health plan which is calorie/macro counting through MyFitnessPal even though the book doesn’t have you start your plan until week 2.

For the past three days I’ve:

  • Found support through blog friends and MyFitnessPal friends.
  • Decided on a plan (MyFitnessPal) and a backup plan (Intuitive Eating with modifications).
  • Did my planned exercise including Zumba and strength training.
  • Identified sabotaging thoughts and responded to them – “Wouldn’t it feel great to eat that chocolate? Why not?” “There is no excuse. I had plenty of chocolate last week and now I have a fat sugar headache due to withdrawals.” / “I should buy that giant molasses cookie from the coffee shop today because I almost never get them.” “I know exactly what it tastes like. It’s good, but not 400-calories-good. Plus I get my cardamom latte which I actually like more than the cookie.”
  • Reflected in the workbook about the positive choices I have made each day.

Today’s focus is on one of my biggest challenges – Eating while sitting down and savoring. I grew up eating all food very quickly. Even some of my closest friends felt the need to compete with me because I ate so fast; No idea why. I have no valid excuse to eat while standing up or to eat very quickly so I have to try to remember to stay seated. That part isn’t so hard for me because I sit a lot throughout the day.

Savoring is the hardest thing to remember, especially when you’re hungry. I have practiced this time and time again but it has never truly stuck. I’ve practiced eating without distractions for weeks on end and practiced eating slowly. It’s difficult and, in a way, not nearly as enjoyable for me as eating in front of a screen. See, there’s a sabotaging thought right there:

“Eating without any distractions and savoring each bite is way more boring that eating while watching TV.”

*What should be my response to that sabotaging thought?

*Do you have your own sabotaging thoughts? What are they?


My way of sabotaging a diet is simply having bad food around. Even money in my pocket is bad, because there’s no evidence trail if you pay cash… Isn’t that horrible?

When I was doing intuitive eating I went and bought all my favorite foods including trigger foods so they’d always be available in the house. The idea was never to be deprived and avoiding a binge. That worked for a while but eventually I took advantage of it – And so did my husband… So yeah, that was a bad idea. haha

I think part of my problem with sitting down and savoring my food is that it feels like a waste of time. Like I could be doing something else at the same time, whether it’s productive or not…like watching TV or doing dishes. But I know that doesn’t really make any sense, and actually paying attention to what I eat would be so much more beneficial in the long run.

I’m noticing that I also feel that waste of time when I sit down and try to savor my food without distractions. What you said makes total sense to me. I get bored! Even though I can enjoy the food, the boredom makes me feel like it’s not worth it.

In fact, the Beck book even says that it’s not always realistic to do that and provides techniques to enjoy your food while doing something else at the same time. I kind of took that idea and ran with it. I like to watch TV while I eat but I’m trying to slow down and really taste the food, set my utensil down periodically, not get the next bite ready while still chewing, and taking drinks in between bites.

I should look into the Beck book, because it’s definitely not realistic for me to always sit and focus on my food when I’m eating.

Andrea says:

Stress at work sabotages me each and every time. I’m still working this one out myself. I really like your plan though – using the Beck Diet with MFP. I have heard of Beck before, but might check it out now. It sounds like a really useful program to work through. And you are doing great! Just thinking about sabotages and having a focus is moving in the right direct 🙂

If you respond well to structure then I think Beck would be worth checking out. I also think it is good for anyone trying to lose weight because of all the techniques presented and the journaling aspect of the workbook. There is a workbook and a regular book – They’re both mostly the same but I like the workbook better.

j!b says:

I really need to learn to savor my food as well, to sit down at the table and just enjoy my meal/food.
I sabotage myself by convincing myself that one chocolate bar won’t hurt, what’s 180 calories? I can burn that off later…. then it turns into “well I already ate a chocolate bar, why not have a muffin too?” hehe..

I can be that way too. And then when I eat a chocolate bar (or a pint of ice cream in many cases) I don’t really savor them and next thing you know they’re gone!

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