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{April 27, 2014}   Week 1 Successes and Struggles

How was your weekend? Mine was splendid. Saturday was a chore day – Groceries, making granola bars, and taking care of some other house things. We have a laundry list of home improvement projects and we’re taking care of a couple this week.

I decided not to take today off from exercise because we held an engagement party for my sister-in-law. We spent the morning getting ready for guests and then I did 45 minutes of Zumba Cardio Party which includes some HIIT. Mike and I decided to have one day a week be our “treat” day so this is it but I wanted to feel as good as I can about it. I decided to get on the treat day bandwagon because I’m just barely meeting my hunger needs on a daily basis and I need something to look forward to. Back to the diet mentality, I know. I’m still problem solving and taking time to enjoy food and eating what sounds good but it’s time to get real. I can’t be wishy-washy about my health which is what was starting to happen with IE. I wasn’t doing it well or at least wasn’t doing it right so I’m now doing something that I know works for me.

The engagement celebration was a BBQ lunch at our house. Good times with family and hearing about the Easter proposal.

photo (11)Mmmmm bacon bits and cheese.

photo (10)Our last batch of rum slushy.

Mike’s mom brought a GIANT marble cake. I could smell the buttercream frosting wafting from the box.

photo (12)This cake was way bigger than it looks in the picture. Costco-sized.

See that corner with the roses? My piece was that entire corner with the uppermost rose attached. I got through a lot of it but started to feel sick because of all the sugar. Since cake is one of my trigger foods we made sure to send all the leftovers home with the family. The sugar coma is in full force.


Weekly Weigh-In/Beck

I lost 5.8 pounds this week. This being the end of week 1 and me stuffing my face all the way up to the initial weigh-in, you can deduct that it’s mostly water weight. Still a good loss no matter how you look at it. Mike lost weight, too! Saturday was an opposite day between the two of us – Mike was having a hungry day and had to go over his calories while I was having an easy day because I wasn’t eating enough and had to eat extra later in the evening.



Stayed on track and exercised 6 days this week. It felt great to be back on track and I’ve been very motivated.

It’s been nice for Mike and I to have health conversations with each other – Reviewing our days, making our individual healthy plans together, problem solving together, etc. Same with my MFP friends and blogging. It feels good to communicate about this.

Avoiding several sweets this week – Pie on Monday, that giant cookie on Wednesday, and frosted brownies on Friday.

Talking myself through the struggles and temptations.


I’m confused by how much I’m supposed to eat in order to lose 1-2 pounds a week. FitBit says one thing and MFP says another. Either way I’ve had to go over daily on FitBit due to hunger. I’m not going to let myself starve. MFP also said I went over on a couple days but a girl’s gotta eat, right?

This brings up the problem of obsessing over food and not wanting to eat anything “bad”. This week anything viewed as unhealthy sweets was completely avoided but on Intuitive Eating I would have went for it. I don’t want to deprive myself of favorite junk foods for fear of a binge which is why the treat day came into play.

It’s still really hard to fully focus on eating slowly and enjoying every single bite of food all the time. It feels like too much concentration which is hard to sustain for longer than a minute or two. I don’t normally speed-eat but slowing down from my usual pace is kind of a pain!


*Do you eat slowly and enjoy every bite or do you have a hard time with that like me?

*What was your favorite part of this weekend?


Cute/Funny Video – Rescued ‘Puppy’ Actually Not a Puppy At All


Tara Jane says:

I don’t eat slowly at all – it’s really annoying actually because people will often say (at staff lunches, out at dinner) “how are you finished already?” I don’t even notice I’m eating fast because I’m usually doing most of the talking as well. I think for me it’s about being distracted from food after the meal is over – i.e. staying at the table and talking with friends until I get full instead of going for seconds.

But it sounds like you’re on track and going really well. I couldn’t live without a treat day either actually. I think they’re great for staying sane! That cake looks huge by the way, and so sugary! It’s a good thing I don’t like butter-cream icing! 😛

cathyo says:

I started eating fast when I had kids. It was always a rush to eat while helping the, and I started wolfing my food down first and then helping them. I’ve slowed down a bit now that they are older but I could still probably slow down and enjoy it even more.

Andrea says:

I struggle to eat slowly and savor my food as well. I have just always eaten fast and I have to make a conscious effort to slow down. Like you said, it takes a lot more concentration than you’d think.

Congratulations though on your weight loss! Even if some of it is water weight, not all of it should be. And a loss is a loss…if you are feeling good about it, then it’s a positive thing.

I’ve literally been doing MFP again for about a week now. I have only been tracking to see what “normal” looks like for me and it has been a bit startling. I’m going to need to reign everything again soon.

I think I’m a moderate eater…not real fast but not real slow. I do need to work on savoring and enjoying it more though. Especially when the kids are being crazy and I get stressed, I just eat and don’t really remember it.

I love that you’re keeping things in the context of successes and struggles, rather than failures. It is crazy trying to figure out what you calorie intake for the day should really be. I agree – it’ll just take trial and error to figure out what number is right, but don’t go hungry in the meantime!

I feel like there are a lot of websites out there that can give us numbers and use great calculations to tell us how much to eat, but no two sites seem to agree which is frustrating. Maybe I should do some more research or just experiment.

The only time I really, really savor food is when I have a cheat meal at a restaurant. The rest of the time I view food as fuel, eat it quickly and get on with my day. (Of course, I’m a bodybuilder, so I eat ALL DAMN DAY! If I savored every bite I’d never get anything done.)

haha If I ate all day long like you I wouldn’t savor food as often, either! I especially enjoy savoring foods at restaurants as you mentioned, though. Eating typical foods at home is not nearly as enjoyable as going out and getting something you don’t normally have at home.

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