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{May 4, 2014}   Beck & Intuitive Eating

As the weekend comes to a close I am happy to report that I am no longer feeling discouraged. I especially appreciate all the support of my friends who comment on my blog and on MyFitnessPal. You all have great input that helps keep me grounded and think more about things. I also enjoyed brainstorming with Mike about what we were going to do after both of us feeling underwhelmed. I suggested that we continue doing what we’ve been doing and not deprive ourselves of a treat just because we didn’t lose any weight. That would feel like a punishment when we’ve been putting forth all this effort.


On Saturday Mike wanted to fry himself some pot stickers which turned out not to be too bad. I decided that I wanted ice cream (surprise surprise) so I got a pint of English Toffee Caramel and ate half at lunch time, half later in the evening in order to have more to look forward to. Not the healthiest way to spend the day eating but I was able to even fit it into my daily calories.


It got a little bit more tricky at the end of the evening when we chose to play a zombie board game and have a couple alcoholic drinks. Luckily we just had the drinks and I ate a little bit of light popcorn so this treat day ended up being lighter than last week’s.


Today wasn’t a treat day but we kind of worked a treat into our calories anyway. There was a celebration at the Seattle Center for APIM – Asian Pacific Islander Month – so we went to see some of the performances. I planned ahead to get a Starbucks Java Chip Frappuccino Light. Guess what? Not only did they hear me say my name correctly (most people think I say Leah) but they even spelled it correctly!

photo (12)That never happens because there are like 10 different ways to spell Leanne.

The show was fun to watch. We saw Japanese, Indian, and Tahitian performances.

photo (13)


photo (10)

photo (8)


photo (7)

The headliner was a band called Lion’s Ambition and I guess they were on America’s Got Talent in 2012 but I don’t remember them. They were pretty good, though.

Afterwards we walked around outside underneath the Space Needle.

photo (5)

photoNear the Chihuly glass art exhibit

The two of us were discussing poutine. Yes poutine, one of our favorite foods in existence!

canadapoutineThanks, Canada!

There was a restaurant in the Seattle Center that serves poutine and Mike was saying how he didn’t like their version of it and I disagreed. Then he mentioned a bar down the road that has really good poutine. Naturally I hear this and try to manipulate my way into getting some, so I suggest we share a plate. Considering we both only had a budget for a normal-sized dinner, it sounded out of the question. After looking it up and seeing a range of 500-1200 calories on a full plate, we decided to go for it and share a plate.

photo (1)Yum! Not nearly as good as one we had in Victoria, B.C., though.

This was appetizer-sized so it wasn’t a huge amount of food and we were able to happily make it fit into our food budgets for the day with some room to spare. Everyone wins, right?

On a side note, I thought this message from the bar was entertaining:

photo (3)

Some guy got kicked out recently when he walked in wearing Google Glass. It was on the news a few months ago.

How in the world does the title of this post tie into any of it? With Intuitive Eating we’ve been eating what we really want just to the point of being satiated. With Beck, I’ve been journaling in the book and making choices that I think are fair and fit into my calorie budget. Treat days are a slight exception but still logged in MFP.

*How was your weekend?

*How do you fit treats and yummy unhealthy foods into your weight loss/maintenance plan?


Love that you’re finding a way to work poutine (OMG that looks awesome) and ice cream into your plan! I envy your ability to brainstorm things with Mike is dealing with these things. My husband is totally supportive of me in any changes I want to make, but they’re definitely changes for me not changes for US and he needs them too. Still, I know more than anybody that you can’t make changes until you’re really ready and I know he isn’t there.
That light frappucino looks awesome! It’s been ages since I had one – maybe I’ll try one out at home since I have the Trader Joe’s iced coffee concentrate and some caramel coffee syrup.

I think intuitive eating has helped me make things work within the calorie counting plan. I’ve been enjoying these daily conversations with Mike about how things are going. I understand where your husband is coming from because mine is the same way. He’s been wanting to lose weight for a while but just wasn’t in a place that he was ready to do it. One day he decided it was time, and here we are. That’s how it happened for me, too!

Tara Jane says:

What is poutine? I’ve never heard of it but it looks cheesy and delicious. Your ice cream is also equally delicious. Sounds like you had a good weekend with Mike and a good weekend food wise.

I usually fit treats into my snacks or into my weekends and try not to snack during the week. That usually helps me have a hold on things 🙂

Poutine is french fries covered in gravy and cheese curds. I’ve had it with meat mixed in there, too. I think it is slowly becoming more popular in the United States, at least in the Pacific Northwest. It is a new favorite because we just discovered in in Victoria B.C. in 2012.

Good idea not snacking during the week. It’s nice to have that kind of routine where you know you will get treats and snacks but it’s not an everyday thing.

Ha! Love that message on the menu!

Yeah I guess they kicked some guy out for wearing Google Glass and it became this whole big thing on the news. I thought that message on the menu was pretty funny, especially because there were a bunch of drunk people sitting right behind us screaming so we could barely hear each other. Luckily we were being tolerant but that much loud noise right next to me was making me feel a little ill.

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