Leanne Nalani

{May 10, 2014}   Saturday Successes & Struggles

Success – Since last Saturday I’ve lost 2.1 pounds. Total 8 pounds in three weeks and feeling pretty good about that!

Other NSV’s:

Regular communication with Mike about how our diets are going. We both decided to have Friday be our treat days. There was a big teacher appreciation potluck and I wanted to partake so I could have things like meatballs, sausage rolls, cookies, and carrot cake. Mike wanted to have yummy lunch truck food.

I strength trained twice this week.

I stayed within my calorie limits.

Kept myself VERY distracted with other things in life besides food (see below, especially the very last photo).


I can’t recall many struggles this week. I was expecting PMS to kick in and make me crave things but the hormones never took over.

Yesterday I was supposed to strength train but I ate too much junk food too fast at the staff lunch and ended up being in a lot of pain most of the night. I was able to do 20 minutes of Zumba around 7pm, but I made up for it today.

Sleep was not the best throughout the week. I found myself drinking a little bit more coffee than usual in the middle of the work day.

photo (18)

Let’s see, there’s so many other things going on. Where to start.

My dad had to have his heart shocked because his heart rate would come down. All went well so hopefully he will get to have his knee surgery soon. We visited him and my mom today to see how he’s doing.

photo (15)

We got a new Betta fish. I named him Red Leader.

photo (17)I had an impulse buy on Thursday – PS Vita package with a couple games. My gamer side is really excited this week!

photo (20)

An early birthday gift from Mike – I have been wanting to try this for fun.

And finally, the most exciting news…

photo (14)

Well, let’s just say that something not in this photo is now taking up our third garage space. I will post pictures later!



Haphazard Heather says:

Congrats on the weight loss! Sounds like a pretty good week overall! Love the fish. I used to have one that looked almost identical called Spike. 🙂 I hope everything keeps going well with your dad!

Bettas are pretty fish, gotta love the red and blue. Have you seen the white ones?
Thank you for the well wishes for my dad. He’s hanging in there. 🙂

Haphazard Heather says:

Yes they are! No, I’ve never seen the white ones. I bet those are gorgeous!
You’re welcome. Glad to hear he’s still doing well. 🙂

j!b says:

Great progress! Keep it up!

Thanks I am really happy with the results so far. Hoping for another good loss coming up for my bday weekend!

Your doing great! Congrats on all your successes!

Thanks! I am going to keep on working hard and dealing with overcoming challenges. I’m a lot less hungry lately which is a plus.

Intrigued by the 23 gift! I’m curious about those and have considered adding them to my wish list too!

I just submitted mine yesterday and hopefully will get results in a few weeks. My brother in law did it back when they were able to report health info. I’m not really all that interested in the health stuff, luckily. It just seemed like something different and interesting to try.

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