Leanne Nalani

{May 17, 2014}   Saturday Successes and Struggles – Week 4

Happy Saturday! Here are my weigh-in results for week 4:

Down 0.5 pounds.

Ok fine, I can accept that. I feel like I earned more but a loss is a loss. I snuck on the scale yesterday and saw .1 loss and was pretty discouraged as I was 2 weeks ago. Then I thought about how my body feels. It feels healthy and strong and capable of continuing on with this process. Next week I am hoping for more than half a pound. Anyone ever lose more weight every other week instead of an even amount every week?

On the bright side, that’s 8.5 pounds in a month. That’s more than 2 pounds a week on average, so it’s worth celebrating.



  • The heat has been keeping my appetite down. It was in the 80’s for a couple days which is hot for WA. No one has air conditioning so we bake a bit. I felt bloated because of it but the upside is that food is not as interesting when you’re just trying to keep cool.


  • Turning negative thoughts into positive ones – So I didn’t lose as much as I wanted. At least I feel great and am still losing weight.


  • Wearing several pieces of clothing I couldn’t wear 4 weeks ago. I’m not able to get into my favorite jeans yet but am hoping that can be achieved in the next month. They button up, just not in a comfortable way.



  • Sabotaging thoughts. Before I turned the negative into a positive, I was kind of unhappy with my situation. I was hoping to lose a pound or two to give me a buffer since this weekend is full of birthday celebrations and FOOD. Since that didn’t happen I started thinking, “Come on! It’s your birthday weekend. Screw this – I can’t even lose weight after a perfect week. Might as well get some ice cream and start the celebrations early.” Luckily that didn’t happen. I took control and changed my mindset.


  • I’m getting scared of eating again. After a week of eating 1200-1300 calories and exercising, the weight didn’t drop. Without those immediate results my brain automatically starts telling me to eat even less and exercise even more. With two big celebrations happening in two days, it became extra cautious. Intuitive Eating had helped with this food fear before.


  • Headaches – I’ve been having headaches for a few days probably due to the heat. It hasn’t caused any problems with diet or exercise but it has been an irritation.


Weekend Plans

As mentioned, there are things going on this weekend where food will be hard to avoid. To be honest I don’t want to avoid it but at the same time I want to stay on plan.

Tonight we’re having a party to celebrate our friend’s 29th birthday and my 32nd which is on Monday. There’s gonna be a lot of booze. Even I want to drink and I don’t drink too often. The nice thing is that we mostly have control over food so we’ve decided to buy rotisserie chicken for everyone. My plan is to practice as much IE as possible and try waiting on the drinking until after dinner. My biggest fear is that I will drink to the point of not being able to control myself around food.

On Sunday we are celebrating Mother’s Day and my birthday for dinner. There will be birthday cake as I have requested chocolate cake with white buttercream frosting. No matter what, want a corner piece of that cake. There will also be chimichangas for dinner. The plan for that evening is not to drink alcohol but to stick to diet pop and a normal serving of all the dinner foods.


Happy Birthday Leanne. Hope you have a great day and enjoy that birthday cake.

Thank you, it really was a great birthday.

Happy Early Birthday!! Enjoy your day, but don’t allow your celebrations to carry on day after day. I am SO guilty of doing that in the past. One weekend turns into one week… two weeks… etc. Celebrate your birthday, but don’t let it undermine all your hard work. =) Have a BLAST this weekend!!!


Thank you! I definitely had my fun but am now back to the daily grind. I did ration out the extra birthday cake, though! As long as I can fit it into my food diary, I am having it. 🙂

Happy birthday! I know what you mean about being frustrated with the slow progress, especially when you’ve been so “good” and you know you have a splurge coming up. You’re doing great and I hope you have a great time celebrating this weekend!

Thanks! Wouldn’t it be funny if I lost weight this coming weekend after all the birthday party food? Well, one can dream… :p

Tara Jane says:

Happy birthday! I hope I haven’t missed it 😦
It’s good that you have successes you record. It’s encouraging to see that often I am not the only one who has those struggles too. Hope the birthday weekend celebrations didn’t get too intense!

Thanks! No, I think you chimed in pretty close to May 19th. May 20th at 12:07am. haha Thank you so much for the bday wishes. The celebration got a little intense Saturday night but it was worth it.

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