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{May 20, 2014}   Birthday Celebrations

Happy Tuesday! It was a busy end of the week and weekend so here I am on the other side of it and feeling pretty good. Granted, there was a lot of food and I did consume more than necessary.

I journaled ahead of time to plan for possible binges. I’ve been super focused on this plan so binge eating hasn’t even come close to crossing my mind. It’s been a whole month since the last episode. Regardless I am being vigilant. It doesn’t hurt to be careful.


Thursday night and Friday morning were student led conferences. Those can be stressful when students no-show or come to you at the very last second asking to reschedule when you’re already completely booked. In the end everything worked out and the kids did a great job. As always.

photo (13)

An enthusiastic student (not even one of mine) came to watch her friend’s SLC presentation and decided to put a pretty message on the board.


photo (14)

Got home early on Friday. Quality time with Loki.


photo (16)

He loves his big bed from Costco.



This was my treat day because of a party we held to celebrate birthdays. Our friend came up from California and he had a birthday a week  ago plus mine was May 19th, yesterday. On Saturday it was supposed to rain but it turns out that it was a gorgeous day for a garage party.

photo (15)

Lots of cars in the driveway. Mike was bumping beats out his fancy sound system in the Prius. It was crazy how my sister’s boyfriend was able to get his giant truck between the Miata and the car next to the other giant truck.



I said I wanted to drink. So yeah, that happened. These huge bottles were purchased from Costco and pretty close to full when the party started. No beer tonight.

It was really good to see friends and hang out . It’s been a while since we’ve had a party like this – Brings back good memories. I got to see my best friend and her boyfriend which I appreciate like crazy because she finally no longer works weekends and graveyard shifts. We used to never hang out after college. Our buddy from California was there and so was his ex who we hadn’t seen in ages. My sister and her boyfriend were there. Lots of warm fuzzies and good times.

In the planning/health department I had over 2,000 calories. Since this was my treat day that’s ok. I made sure to do strength training and Zumba beforehand. Gotta earn it!

We bought 4 rotisserie chickens and some french bread so everyone could make sandwiches. My hope was that the chicken would be a healthier option that might balance out all the empty calories in the alcohol. I just had one sandwich and a bit of snack foods but most of the calories went to rum and these irresistible apple turnovers my best friend brought.


Hangover day. It’s been forever since I’ve felt so dehydrated and just gross. I could barely sleep all night and kept waking up. Finally I gave up at 6am and moved to another room, lay on the giant round chair, and fell asleep for another hour before waking up again. At some point I dragged myself off the chair and miraculously churned out an hour of my most intense Zumba DVD. That’s one way to kill a hangover!

That evening we went to my parents’ house for a nice, quiet family celebration for late Mother’s Day and early birthday. My sister made these amazing huge baked chimichangas with green chili enchilada sauce. I ate half of one because I was saving up for a giant piece of cake. We took one home for our friend but since he didn’t eat it, I have it for lunch for the next two days. I’m glad because I was kicking myself for not taking leftovers. Definitely took leftover cake, though.

As for the cake, well… You all know by now that I have a thing for buttercream frosting, right?

photo (1)

photo (2)

Chocolate cake with buttercream frosting on top and in the center.

My mom ordered this cake for me and clearly the people at the bakery were listening. LOTS of buttercream frosting. I don’t think I’ve ever seen so much of it. Coincidentally they even put the writing in my favorite color. I took the bottom left corner. My dad took another corner. In other words: like father, like daughter.

On the other side of this big weekend I think I did pretty good. I exercised and did not take a rest day because I wanted to feel like I earned these treats. I tracked everything down to the very last detail as accurately as possible. I was well within my allotted calories every day except Saturday which was the treat day. Even so, I’m not expecting to lose weight this coming weekend because I ate so much junk food! I may have been within range, but the types of food were not exactly wholesome. All that sugar.


Yesterday was my 32nd birthday. I was bummed that it was on a Monday this year but decided to go to work and suck it up. I got lots of happy birthdays because I let my advisory students know what day it was. At my school if you don’t say anything on your birthday then no one will ever know and that’s kind of lame, right? It made my day more enjoyable. In fact, it was the best Monday I’ve had in a while.

When I got home I did some Zumba and then went straight for the leftover cake. That was dinner. It kept me full all the way until bed time. haha I forced myself to eat some leftover rotisserie chicken just to get something else in my stomach before sleeping.

*Are you a frosting person or totally not? In my experience most people I’ve met tend not to be frosting fiends.

*Do you do a treat day or meal where you let yourself go over your planned calories/points?



cathyo says:

I’m a frosting person if it isn’t too sweet. Happy birthday!

Thanks! Yeah I’ve had some frostings that were too sweet for me but something about the texture makes me come back for more.

Haphazard Heather says:

Happy Birthday! Loki is absolutely adorable, by the way. 🙂 I’m right there with you on the icing. I always eat the cake part first so it doesn’t “contaminate” my icing. I could just eat it out of the container. haha

Thank you! It was a great birthday weekend and Monday, too.

Loki is my crazy little pup. He’s a lap dog and at the same time has obnoxious tendencies. I guess that’s how it goes with small dogs.

Yay, another frosting lover like me! Ok, so I’ve actually eaten icing straight out of the container… Several times. It goes well with those graham cracker sticks. lol I used to do that with rainbow chip frosting.

Haphazard Heather says:

You’re welcome! 🙂

I think you’re right. I can’t think of a small dog that I’ve had that wasn’t at least mildly annoying at times.

No shame! haha That sounds really good! I have actually never tried rainbow chip frosting, but I’m sure it’s great. I’ve never met a frosting I didn’t like.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Looks like a fun weekend!!!! I’m definitely a buttercream frosting girl… don’t give me any of that whipped stuff #realfrosting as for treat days or meals…. I always let myself have treats… I either plan for them in advance by going lighter on meals a few days before or throw in some extra exercise. Great job on getting up and doing zumba!

Thank you! It really was a great birthday weekend. I also don’t like the whipped frosting. It tastes like air.

I am totally a frosting person. I think I’d eat a shoe if you put enough cream cheese frosting on it (although I also love buttercream!). Happy birthday!

Both are my two favorite frosting flavors. I would have asked for cream cheese but my husband hates it.

I don’t often drink to excess but one trick that I learned years ago that seems to work is drink 3 large glasses of water before going to bed after a night of lots of drinking. I think it’s the dehydration that gives people hangovers so drinking that much water seems to prevent that. Both my husband and I feel much better in the morning after doing this. By the way I’m also an icing person. Give me the corner anytime. Yum!

Good trick with the water. That night I didn’t drink much water but in the morning I downed 2 big bottles which was helpful. Would have been much better to do what you suggested and drink 3 before sleeping.

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