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{May 25, 2014}   Sunday Successes and Struggles (+ Other Randomness)

It’s been a busy weekend! Saturday morning was the dreaded weigh in. I was really anxious about it because of last weekend’s birthday stuff and sure enough, 0.1 loss. Well, as you can imagine I was disappointed despite the fact that I should have been happy I didn’t gain. Tracking teaches me to expect more because the app says I should have lost at least a pound. That’s what happened the week before as well. Eventually I got over the disappointment and decided that I really should be happy with any kind of loss or even maintaining after all that cake and drinking.

This morning I also decided to try the scale one more time. This time it was 1.1 pounds lost! Stupid water weight. I was much happier with a 1.2 pound loss for the week, so I’m running with that number. Once again I am experimenting. I’ve changed my goal in MFP to maintenance in order to help me stick to 1300-1400 calories per day. Whenever I have it set to “lose 1 pound” it makes me feel like I should only eat 1200 calories which just isn’t enough for my body to deal with on most days. By setting it to maintenance, I can just eat my 1300-1400 calories without feeling like it’s a bad thing. Sometimes eating too little is worse than eating an extra couple hundred calories.

The future weeks ahead are looking not too busy so there will be more time to focus on making good choices. I was really nervous last weekend about all the birthday celebrations. Since that has all happened and ended in success, it’s time to look ahead.


  • 1.2 pounds lost. 9.7 pounds in 5 weeks.
  • Exercised regularly – 2 days of strength, some racquetball, and some Zumba.
  • Tracked everything in MFP.
  • Drank lots of water.
  • Staying positive on stressful work days.



  • General temptations from time to time, having a good deal of leftover cake and wanting to eat more than I should.
  • Scale disappointment. Feeling like I’ve worked harder and earned more than I got.


I saw this fitting quote on Pinterest:

photo (8)


Even if I lose less than I want or feel like I should, a loss is a loss and it’s better than gaining weight. I’m still eating foods I love and even drinking alcohol. My biggest fear is that I will get this weight off after working at it for months and months only to binge and gain it back again. The bingeing is the thing that needs to end permanently. It’s been over a month since my last one. Not long enough. If I can say it hasn’t happened for 9 months then it will truly hold some kind of meaning. Until then I need to keep at this hard work and constantly keep myself in check. I am my own parole officer right now.



On Saturday we had someone come assess our wild yard to see about spring clean up. We rarely go outside so everything is overgrown and needs a ton of TLC. Then Mike’s mom came over and brought me a belated birthday gift.

photo (9)So pretty. I hope I remember to water them!

We helped her learn how to use her new iPad and spent some time chatting with her about it along with finding apps she might enjoy. Other than that it was a pretty relaxing day. I decided to make it my rest day.

Today was our treat day and we did a lot of fun stuff. First we met up with my BFF Kat and her boyfriend in Tacoma. I’ve never liked that city. It’s stinky and ugly and has a lot of crime, but we did some stuff that makes me feel more positive about it. Things like free parking that doesn’t cost $10 an hour like in Seattle and having some nice little shopping spots.

photo (10)

Starting with lunch – Best chicken tikka masala because I asked for 4 stars and the chef asked me questions just to make sure I actually like spicy foods. Habaneros? Yes, please!

Then we walked around looking at art and other random little shops.

photo (11)A Lego themed store.

photo (13)Energy drink. Um…

photo (15)A store selling recycled pieces of random stuff.

photo (12)

photo (16)Unicorn teardrop collectors & tiny wood dollhouse bits

photo (18)You read that right – Floppy disks, ultra knobs, Aladdin lamps

photo (17)

Then we walked over to the Chihuly Bridge. Cars pass underneath it and you can see some of the cool Chihuly art.

photo (21)

photo (22)

photo (19)On the ceiling.

photo (20)

photo (24)

photo (25)

photo (26)

photo (27)

Who knew all this was on a bridge? There was a lot of walking in the rain today. We were pretty tired by 4pm.

Then Mike and I went off to my parents’ house to visit family. They were having my aunts and uncles over for dinner so we crashed the get-together. I mean, who can resist Kalua pig and meatballs? It was really a treat to see the family because we really only see them a couple times a year on major holidays. It was fun listening to my ex-cop uncle talking to Mike about the Lotus and the stories he had to tell about his experiences with sports cars on the road when he was state patrol.

Semi-NSV: After dinner there was lemon bars, frosted brownies, triple berry cobbler, and vanilla ice cream. I had a little bit of everything. The sugar got me so high that I was about ready to go get more ice cream from the store on the way home. Mike helped me quell this craving and by the time we got out to the car I decided I was too full and sleepy to have any more sweets. Sugar really is the devil.


Isn’t frustrating that the math of calories in/out doesn’t work like it is supposed to? Grrr! On the bright side, that bridge is so cool!

Yes it is really annoying! My husband is discovering something very similar, too. You know how they say it’s easier for guys to lose weight than girls? Not proving to be true in our case. We are both about even with our losses and neither of us have been losing as much weight as MFP is saying we should.

You’re doing really great! Yeah, sugar is EVIL!! Somehow, I never learn my lesson.

Thanks! I’m working so hard. Must be my age that is stacking against me. It seemed to be easier in my 20’s, I swear!

lol…it definitely gets harder the older we get!

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