Leanne Nalani

{May 29, 2014}   Minor Adjustments

Life happens and it is a good thing sometimes. In the diet world we often think that we have to be perfect. Things are black and white – I’m either good or bad. Many people know this is far from the truth but we want to believe in all or nothing because it’s human nature to not like the messy stuff. Emotions get in the way. Life gets in the way.

Yesterday life got in the way a few times. Lots of unexpected stuff throughout the teaching day that threw me for a loop because I prefer structure and predictability. I’m not talking about the kids, they can be as unpredictable as they want because that’s the way kids are. Just other things. It didn’t help that the traffic getting to work was ridiculous and I tried to bypass it all but of course the train loves to prevent drivers from getting across the tracks. And yes, that was nothing compared to the rest of the work day.


Whatever. The point is that life happens. I had planned to strength train on Wednesday because we played racquetball on Tuesday which is when I normally do strength. I made a slight adjustment because I wanted a drink so damn bad. Instead I got home and made that drink along with an early dinner. I was hungry, so why not? I relaxed the rest of the night with some Dr. Who Season 7 and a video game and didn’t do a lick of exercise.relax_by_marustagram-d6oo2zl

The learning moment was when I was reading my Beck Diet Solution Workbook and reflecting on the day. One of the questions is, “What did you learn from this?” My response was that it’s ok to make adjustments like this sometimes as long as there is a plan for later. Even though I skipped strength training, I arranged the rest of the week so that it wasn’t a loss. I have time and will strength train today instead. I usually do Tuesday and Friday. This week it will be Thursday and Saturday. Then back to Tuesday and Friday next week. No biggie.

What about food? All went fine. I was too busy relaxing and enjoying myself that food wasn’t a priority. I ate when I got hungry. I logged it all before eating it. I had planned for more food than I ate but by 9:30pm I was so sleepy the last thing I wanted to do was go downstairs and get a yogurt. Final calories ended up being 1,213 even though my goal is to be between 1300-1400. The weekly deficit so far is 3,297 calories so I’m on track to lose almost a pound even though I have zero trust in the scale at this point.

That is the update so far this week. Sometimes we have stressful days and there are different ways to deal with it. I think taking a rest day can be an appropriate option even though other days I really need to work out because it helps relieve stress. It all depends on the day.

*How do you relieve stress? Does it depend on the day or do you always deal with it the same way?


I think adjusting to life is great…you need to live too! I might be having one of those “adjustment/relaxing” evenings. I’m just feeling really sluggish, icky and crampy today. I don’t feel like exerting much extra effort, so might just read a book or watch some TV after the kids are in bed.

Sounds like a fair plan. You can always get back to business tomorrow! Sometimes you just gotta take some time for R&R.

I’m already feeling much more positive and energetic today, so maybe listening to my body isn’t all bad. 🙂 I’m already planning my c25k workout tonight. My basic rule is to never take more than one day off of exercise. Yesterday was an off day, so I HAVE to do it today!

j!b says:

Definitely depends on the day for me… lately I’ve been stressed and just want to not do anything. I like to eat when I’m stressed too. hehe..

Yeah it’s hard to know which mood I’m going to be in when stressed. Some days it’s the desire to just kick back, others it’s wanting a strong drink, and other times I just want to eat everything in sight.

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