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{June 26, 2014}   Two Years


Today marks two years of this WordPress blog! I was thinking about going back and summarizing the last two years but that seemed tedious, so here is the link to my weight loss journey from the very beginning in photos.

Sorry for my absence. I haven’t been getting on to WordPress at all because of things that have been going on. Time for some updates!


As soon as school got out there were more interviews. Then on Thursday we took off for our annual Montana trip! We always go to visit our friends who live in the Missoula area and we do white water rafting. This year we added paintball to the mix, making it the most active little vacation I’ve ever had. There were three couples in our little party. Friday we woke up bright and early for paintball, got everything together (wow, there’s a lot of supplies!), and drove miles down a dirt road where 10 of us played in the woods. There were huge shotgun shells littering the forest floor and someone found some bear poop. And there was a thunderstorm but luckily it subsided. This was my first paintball experience and it’s just not my thing. I don’t like the adrenaline rush of hiding behind trees and trying not to get shot.


Saturday we did a full day white water rafting trip down the Lochsa River in Idaho. It was about an hour away in another time zone. The scenery there was amazing. The weather forecast had predicted random thunderstorms which had us wondering if going out in water all day was a good idea, but it turns out it was a gorgeous day with no rain or thunder at all. Every year we try to do something a little more exciting. The past two years we ended up going later in the season so the rapids were always mild. The largest we ever did might have been level 3 or 4.

This time we got a lot of 4’s and some 5’s. One of the last level 5’s we did had us falling into the raft and almost onto our friends, but our guide was awesome so we didn’t flip. After we made it through the aptly-named “Terminator”, we watched several other rafts flip upside down. Our guide was saying that some guides get their rafts to flip on purpose because “swimming is part of the experience”. haha Just glad it wasn’t us because the water temperature was in the 40’s.


We worked up quite an appetite after that and got a huge dinner. Even though we were active this vacation, there was still a lot of overeating and some drinking.

photo (14)Hucklberry margarita. Burger & Fries.

photo (29)Huckleberry soda.

photo (32)Better Than Sex Cake. Has anyone heard of this? Apparently my husband and I are the only ones who didn’t know. It’s a chocolate poke cake with sweetened condensed milk & caramel poured over the top, cool whip, Heath Bar, and more caramel.

Weight Loss Gain

As you can see, my eating habits have not been good. We never eat fast food but we got McDonald’s THREE times on this vacation! It was convenient, we had no time, and we were hungry. I’m getting back into focus now that I’m home and have no summer plans. Lots of time to get back to business and be super healthy. Yesterday I went grocery shopping and bought a ton of fruit. The cherries are out in full force and I am buying them all. Turns out I don’t like Rainier Cherries nearly as much as the basic red ones.

I haven’t touched the scale in a couple weeks. I will be weighing in on Saturday and fully expect to have gained all the weight back that I’ve lost since April. In fact, I am pretty sure that I am even heavier. Not gonna cry about it, just gonna power through it. I’ll update you on Saturday.



I was really anxious on vacation because of all the phone calls. By tomorrow I will have done probably 7-8 interviews in the last 2 weeks. Pretty much every job I’ve applied for has called me in all in the same time space so nerves and anticipation have been exhausting. The trip to Montana had me even more on edge because my phone was often out of T-Mobile services areas (should have gone with Verizon!). As you’d expect, every time my phone had no reception is when someone would call. I was smart and created a very specific voicemail greeting which was effective because they did leave me messages and e-mail me so I could get back to them.

  • Yesterday was an interview for a reading teacher at an elementary school.
  • Today is my second interview for some potential elementary resource teaching positions. The 2nd interview is a very good sign.
  • Tomorrow is an interview for a reading teacher at a middle school.

I’m noticing after all these experiences that I am able to pick up on vibes in order to determine how interested I personally am in these positions. I also do a lot of research into each school.

The interview I have today I am very interested in because I think there is a positive atmosphere and vibe coming from the interview team, as opposed to an interview I had last week on Monday that left me deciding there was no way on Earth I was taking that position if it had been offered.

What is interesting about today’s interview is the 3-step interview process. Most school districts around here have an informal interview process – They take place at the actual school with the principals and teachers and there is only one interview before being offered a job. This district does a 3-step interview process and all meetings take place at the district office. Things are a bit more formal with principals and district people and you have to make it through the rounds. The 3rd interview is basically a meeting with the superintendent to offer you the job. There are likely to be two schools involved in this interview today and both seem like good ones for a lot of reasons. I hope it works out.


*Have you gone through multiple interviews for one job?

*Have you done white water rafting? What has your experience been like?


Looks like you had a great time! I don’t think paintball would be my thing either. Better Than Sex Cake is great! I had forgotten about it.

I wonder if that cake is just not well known in the Seattle area. The only time I’ve ever even heard of a poke cake is on Pinterest. It’s pretty genius, although the sweetened condensed milk was a bit much, even for me!

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