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{June 28, 2014}   Saturday Successes & Struggles, Week 10

It’s been 10 weeks since I started this big plan to lose about 20 pounds after gaining so much over the winter. You may recall that I was sidetracked the last few weeks so I didn’t weigh in. I think the last time I stepped on the scale was week 7.

Today it was time to see the damage. Based on how I feel and how my clothes don’t fit, I guessed that I’d gained back each of the 11.4 pounds I had lost. This being the result of 5 days of vacation (Better than Sex Cake, Oreos, bugers and fries, ice cream, you name it) and several days of true binge eating episodes.

Today’s Weigh-In: +6.7 pounds.

I’ll take it! I’m not proud of myself but I’m still really happy with the fact that I didn’t gain it all back. Before stepping on the scale I was preparing to start a whole new graph in order to have a fresh start, but after weighing in I decided to just continue on the same graph.

photo (34)



Getting back on track


The gain wasn’t as bad as I was expecting after 3 weeks of not following the plan



Binge eating – I’m convinced this is at least partially a chemical problem in my brain at this point because there is often no trigger.

Vacation – They usually start out ok and then escalate. It was worth it, though. I don’t feel like I ate much more than anyone else. We all ate a lot.

Motivation – Been feeling pretty depressed and now that it’s summer I’ve been a little bit bored which isn’t a great combo.

Stress – That whole interview thing was getting to me with so many interviews and no love. I’m told this new staff is eager for a resource room teacher who wants to collaborate so I think they’ll like me. 🙂


Short Term Goal:

I don’t want a long term goal right now. Seems like my long term goals always get derailed but I can deal with the short term stuff to keep me going.

Next Saturday – Lose 2 pounds

I think this is achievable because I am really pulling in the reigns this week. I need to avoid sugars from candy and those types of sweets. Reduce calories, exercise like normal. I am cutting back on strength training for a while but don’t worry, I’ll add it back on when I’m ready. Right now I need to focus on motivation and doing what I love for exercise, and that’s Zumba. I really don’t enjoy strength training but I love the feeling after it’s over.


I think I need to set weight goals again. Saying I’m going to lose weight without a timeline or how much isn’t very helpful. I like the idea of the graph as well. I think there’s a program on the web that I can follow that will do that for me.

Agreed. Goals are great especially if they are specific and it helps to set reminders to think about those goals throughout the week. I was struggling to lose even one pound a week since April so I’m stepping things up this week in order to lose 2 pounds. If it doesn’t work out then I’ll adjust my next week’s goal to be more realistic.There are definitely websites out there that can track progress and goals. MyFitnessPal has a website if you don’t use the phone app. You don’t have to track food but it does track food, weight, and some other things.

It would be hard to avoid overeating on a vacation like that – it was definitely a play hard kind of trip 🙂 Good luck with your goal this week – part of that gain may be just bloat/water and hopefully will go away quickly to give you a boost back in the right direction.

I hope some of it is bloat but I did start getting back on track 3 days before I weighed in on Saturday. We will find out this weekend!

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