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{July 4, 2014}   The Week in Pictures

Happy weekend! I hope you have a grand 4th of July today. We are just staying home and watching the fireworks from the window. This place is all mortars on the 4th and on New Year’s.


It’s been a good week in all areas! Here is the week in pictures:

Mike 1

We went to the Buckley Log show after party after enjoying BBQ at my sister’s house. Yes, that is my husband. Yes, we had a few…


Mike Jesse

We started watching Breaking Bad for the first time and now we are addicted. Mike decided to get in the spirit with his beanie even though it was about 80 degrees.


Old Classroom 2

My old classroom used to be called The Dungeon at one point due to its problems with mold, leaking, etc which at some point were “fixed”. That green wall is kind of fake and there is a bathroom on the other side so we heard it flush all day. The school was built in the 1950’s, so what can ya do? The blue and green colors were nice, though!


Old Classroom Car

Thankfully I was able to fit all my classroom stuff in my car. There’s even a rolling chair in there!


IMG_2503The new school is in a pretty area. Built in the 1990’s. Sweet!


New Classroom 4

The new classroom. Kidney tables? OMG, yes! I’ve never had the privilege. They gave me my own printer so I don’t have to speed walk 3 minutes to get my IEP’s. That door goes straight out to the parking lot. Convenient!


New Classroom 5

Lots of storage! And a sink!


New Classroom 6

There’s a bathroom. In my classroom! And a storage room full of curriculum materials!

I’m a little blown away by this classroom if you can’t tell. I’m not used to being given everything I could want as a special education teacher. Usually we are shoved wherever they can fit us and given the bare minimum to work with.


Final Fantasy 14Final Fantasy 14: A Realm Reborn

I’ve been kind of obsessed with planning decor and learning about the students. The other day Mike suggested I try Final Fantasy 14: A Realm Reborn, an MMORPG. I’m big into all the Final Fantasy games but I didn’t think any MMORPG could top World of Warcraft (I played WoW from 2005-who knows when) which is why I hadn’t tried this one. As it turns out, this game takes all the best parts of WoW and other MMO’s and puts them together in a beautiful world. This should keep me entertained and distracted from food and also from obsessing too much over school planning.

*What’s keeping you distracted?

*What are you doing for the 4th?

Bonus pic of Loki. Can’t help it! He likes to be under beds, pillows, and blankets.

Loki Pillow 2


Tara Jane says:

Sounds like you’re having a wonderful week! And your new class room looks amazing. When do you start teaching there?

School starts on September 3rd, so I have a lot of time to prep which I’m excited to do!

april says:

congrats on your new class-I’m a reading specialist, so I am also usually shoved into any space (an actual closet one year) and when I got a bathroom in my office I did a jig literally (no more kids getting lost on the way for 10 minutes lol)

Thank you! Wow, a closet… That’s a whole new low. Actually, at the new school I’m going to they just upgraded us because I guess last year the resource room was on the stage, sharing a fake wall with the PE classes. Apparently the noise was too much. I just can’t believe the places they will put teachers. Part of me is wondering how long I’ll get to keep this room. There have been years when I held my classes in the back of a language arts teacher’s room. This will be my first year not having a class in my room during planning, although sometimes we do have paras teach small groups during that time.

I loved breaking bad 🙂

It’s a great show! We have been staying up a little bit later than usual just to get in one more episode.

Your new classroom looks like such a huge improvement! So excited for you to get to settle in soon.

Yes! I’m looking forward to decorating so I can show before/after photos.

Good luck in your new space. It looks amazing. Your own bathroom? Wow!

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