Leanne Nalani

{July 7, 2014}   Monday Successes & Struggles

It should have been Saturday Successes and Struggles but it was a busy weekend and I was being lazy.

Saturday was weigh in day and the results were a 1.5 pound loss. Sounds great! I should have been ecstatic but in my crazy mind it wasn’t good enough. I was sure I’d lose at least 2 pounds because I was going balls to the wall on food. Exercise was about the same as usual. Most days I ate 1200 calories. I did a couple days of racquetball with Mike, a couple days of Zumba, and then I counted moving classrooms and cleaning my whole house as exercise on Tuesday and Friday. Nothing extreme, but naturally MFP was telling me that I was on track to lose over 2 pounds, so stepping on the scale was disappointing when I should have rejoiced.

Instead of celebrating my progress with Mike, I said nothing and decided I could do whatever I wanted with food all weekend. We had friends over on Saturday which was nice but there was food everywhere and I ate a lot. It was a night of socializing so I had a few rum & diets and ate cupcakes, a hot dog, chips & queso, mini chocolate chip cookies, a mini cherry pie, and several other foods.

Sunday wasn’t any better. I was tempted to just say screw it to the rest of the week, but that would be silly. I am feeling more motivated today. If I go balls to the wall until Saturday I might still be able to maintain my weight rather than have a gain after this last crazy weekend.

On Sunday there were no plans so we made some. I said it didn’t matter what the plans were as long as I had time to exercise. We decided it was time to buy a bedroom set since our bed frame was broken and the rest were hand me downs. It was fun going to the furniture store and looking at everything. The set we chose is unique because of its rounded shape and circular metal handles. Just having a set at all will be a huge improvement. While we were there we found a replacement couch for the media room since our old Ikea one had sunken in over the years.

After that we ran over to Costco to look at TV’s since our 7 year old plasma is not long for this world and the colors are getting washed out. That didn’t work out so we took a trip to Bed Bath & Beyond where we picked up way more than we anticipated, but if you get a new bedroom set then you better get new bedding, right? Go big or go home became the name of the game yesterday. Curtain rod, blackout curtains, fancy comforter & shams, fans to keep the upstairs cool since it’s a hot week, etc… Making all these decisions was exhausting. Don’t sign us up for a house remodeling because we’d suck at it!

When we got home the house was sweltering and we were tired so we ate ice cream. It was my fault because I was hot and tired and didn’t care, so we sat down and ate our pints with an episode of Breaking Bad. Then Mike found a screaming deal on a TV so we went on another field trip. Big day. Worth it, yet tiring. Oh and I didn’t get in that exercise. In fact, my only exercise all weekend was just getting my steps in by happenstance.

*How was your weekend?

*Ever do a room makeover or even remodel?


cathyo says:

i finally accepted that I am “starting over” and put my new higher weight into MFP. ugh. I’m heavier, but same size or little smaller than at my light weight so thankfully some of my gain is muscle and fat loss. Still sucks to see the higher number. not surprised since my eating has been total crap lately. really need to get back to planning and cooking at home. UGH……

april says:

My weekend was good overall although it was a holiday weekend- I exercised every day and planned the treat I was having (blizzard from DQ- weighed in today and lost 2 lbs for the week- which I was happy with

Ugh. I hate that MFP set you up to be disappointed. On the plus side, all of those steps from shopping were a good workout.

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