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{July 17, 2014}   Quality Sister Time & Other Stuff

Yesterday my sister Malia and I went on our first hike of the summer. The original plan was to do one hike a week after school got out but things kept happening and plans kept derailing, but better late than never! The first hike of the summer is one of my favorites, Wallace Falls.


Ready to get this show on the road, sista!





This is called “Little Falls”. No joke, it’s marked on the trail!



Woodpecker holes



Malia posing by the water



There are a couple bridges going over the river



The final destination, Wallace Falls


It was a beautiful day for a hike but we were so tired after all the up-hill trekking that we didn’t even look at the waterfall before flopping onto the benches and eating lunch. After replenishing our energy we spent some time enjoying the falls and then headed back.

That night Mike suggested we go out into the sun with the Lotus to get Pho. We tried a new restaurant right across the road from last week’s froyo place. Both are in a nearby city called Covington which we really like because it’s a nice area where the rush hour traffic doesn’t keep you at a standstill. Finally we found a pho place I would like to frequent. The pho is good, they have a million other food options, the place is clean and comfortable, and most importantly they make bubble tea exactly the way I like it.


Mmm peach


*What have you been up to this week?

*Do you have any favorite pho/bubble tea places?


What a gorgeous hike!

It really is! There are a million places around here to do hikes like this which I love. I don’t take advantage of it as much as I should.

Tara Jane says:

I loooooove pho. Which one did you have? I know beef pho is traditional but I love a good chicken one (pho ga). We have a really large Vietnamese community where I live so I have 6 or 7 restaurants I frequent whenever I feel like pho hehehe. I love how delicious and healthy pho is compared to other take away options as well 🙂

We also have a large Vietnamese community around here so there is never a shortage of restaurants. My favorite is always tofu pho (fresh, not fried) but this place lets you choose your broth. I chose veggie which was good but next time I think I’ll get the tofu with chicken broth. I love all the extra veggies, too. I’m a bean sprout fiend! Usually when we go to pho I don’t get too excited but once I eat it I’m always so satisfied even though it’s healthy.

Mama Ames says:

That looks like so much fun!!! It’s great that you and your sister are active together. My step sister lives out of state. Thanks for sharing!

I don’t think I could live away from my family but then again I’ve never tried. My husband and I have talked in the past about moving out of state but I think I’ll never be able to give in to that idea even when we looked at Maui. lol My sister and I have always been close and the summer hiking is a fun time for bonding, although it’s been a couple years since we’ve done that. The other kind of family time always involves sitting and food but I can’t complain. haha

Michelle says:

How many points do you count the pho for? I’m never sure because it is mostly just broth.

It’s a tough call, but when I get a small veggie bowl I usually count it around 300-350 calories, I think. If you don’t eat all the noodles then probably less. The noodles are one my favorite parts along with all the bean sprouts, though!

Morgan says:

Looks awesome. I’ve never done that one before… surprising I don’t hike much! Boo! I’m hoping to do rattlesnake ridge next weekend though. Washington rocks 😉

Wallace Falls is my favorite hike of the ones I’ve done. I’ve heard of rattlesnake ridge but can’t remember where that one is.

Morgan says:

It is the exit right after the North Bend outlet malls on I-90 — It is a pretty big uphill but it is said to have beautiful views. I need to check out Wallace Falls this summer too 🙂 It looks beautiful! Plus it isn’t too far away.

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