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{July 27, 2014}   Busy Weekend + Successes/Struggles

It’s been a great weekend! We’ve been pretty busy in the best way possible.


On Saturday we joined a car meetup group on a drive up to Mt. Baker. What a beautiful day for a fun drive! The roads were full of twists and turns so there was a good mix of relaxed cruising and on-edge roller coaster around the tight 15-mph corners.

photo (4)

The mountain switchbacks freaked me out a little, but the final destination was worth grabbing the arm rests in slight terror.

photo (3)

photo (1)

The car group. Ours is the little red Lotus in the middle.

Before getting to the mountain we stopped for lunch in the middle of nowhere. The restaurant there had a signature dish that Mike and I shared that was bread topped with a blend of cheese. Unfortunately they did not specify what cheeses were used. There was melted cheddar and mozzarella cheese on top but underneath was a thick layer of Gorgonzola. I attempted to eat one piece but barely made it because I hate pungent cheeses. Not worth taking a photo.

After a long day of barely eating anything and living off granola bars, I experienced a strong blood sugar crash. It may have been a mix of dehydration and lack of food but it’s been a long time since something this bad. The drive down from the mountain took a lot longer than expected. Eventually the road took us into the city of our alma mater where we went to the popular Boundary Bay Brewery. Mike ordered a personal pizza with a tasty BBQ sauce and chunks of pork. I got yam alechiladas, which are enchiladas with yams, caramelized onions, and other things topped with mole sauce.

photo (2)

Yam Alechiladas – Yum!

Afterwards we headed to the best doughnut shop in town for dessert, drove the 2-hour trip back home, and made it back around 10pm. Just in time to pass out!


Today we celebrated our niece’s birthday. What’s a 6-year-old’s birthday without visiting every adult’s own personal hell?


Chuck E Cheese

This was the full birthday deal with food and drinks, game tokens, cake, and entertainment. I hate their pizza so I stuck to a couple boneless wings and some chocolate birthday cake. Four of us adults competed against each other at skee-ball which is my favorite game at Chuck E Cheese. It was good to see family and watch the little ones have fun.

Successes & Struggles

Health-wise, my body has decided to hold on to the weight this week even though I am continuing to exercise and eat low-cal. It happens and I’m not torn up about it. I lost 1.7 pounds last week which is extremely good so it may be that my body is evening things out and doesn’t want to lose that much weekly.

Yeah, I “deserve” to lose even half a pound, but since I didn’t I decided to check up on measurements since it’s been almost a month.

Over the past month or so I’ve lost:

  • About 5 pounds
  • -1 inch from waist
  • -1.5 inches from hips
  • -.5 inches from each thigh
  • -.5 inches from each arm

In a month I’m happy with this. The weight’s not coming off as fast as I’d like simply because I’m worried about the next uncontrolled binge that will make me gain so much of it back. I want to be able to stick to a ballpark weight range where there’s a 5-pound buffer for those times I can’t seem to avoid.


  • Staying on top of exercise and food
  • Not being angry at myself and my body for not meeting expectations


  • Feeling deprived
  • Really, really crappy sleep this week for some strange reason
  • Eating the same foods every day gets really boring
  • Not wanting to exercise because I’m so wrapped up in school prep/organization

OMG that yam enchilada sounds fantastic!

It was so good! I thought the whole idea was pretty creative with the mole sauce and the yams.

Mama Ames says:

It sounds like you have a great time!!! Congrats on your weight loss 🙂

Thank you! I’m not excited about my weight right now but at least the weekend was excellent.

Mama Ames says:

Yeah, but you lost 5 pounds in a month. That’s good. I saw that today your jumped on the scale and was up a pound. I bet it’s water weight. You’re doing great!

Yam enchilada?! Yes please!! It looks absolutely stunning up in the snow – I’m very envious with the heat we have here in the UK!

We are having a bit of heat here in the Pacific NW so it’s nice to get to a higher elevation and see the snow. I didn’t wear the right shoes to go walking around in it, unfortunately.

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