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{July 28, 2014}   First World Problems

*Sorry ahead of time for the rant – TMI it’s every woman’s favorite week!*

It’s just been one of those days where all the little things add up. I just want some chocolate right now. Oh wait, that already happened.

photo (7)

Fun flavor!

I woke up this morning expecting to relax a bit before running errands. TV in bed with GMA and Kelly & Michael.

First off, we’ve been worried about Loki since yesterday. He’s been constantly eating at his hind leg and wont stop. He won’t eat his food, play, or even move from his bed or kennel. We’ve never seen him with this problem and we didn’t own a cone of shame so the wound kept getting worse.

Then I made the mistake of stepping on the scale “just to check” to find that I was a pound up. Awesome.

At 8:15 someone unexpectedly came knocking on the door, so I had that “oh shit” moment where I jumped out of bed to do a quick-change and see what they wanted. Out the window I saw a city truck leaving because I took more than a minute to get to the door. They came back in an hour to finish the work they’ve been doing on their broken water pipe in front of our house. Turns out they were laying concrete. Naturally I had plans to leave the house on the day they were pouring wet concrete. At least they were extremely nice and I even had a good chat with them before they helped me navigate out of the driveway.

I read that Wal-Mart has good prices on school supplies so I headed out that way. Let me just start by saying I despise going to Wal-Mart, not just on principle but also because it has a tendency to attract patrons who could either be viewed as obnoxious or entertaining depending on your mood. BUT then Waze informed me that there was a Wal-Mart even closer to my house in a city where you’d expect a lot less of all that stuff no one wants to deal with. I spent a good hour there finding all kinds of great supplies and the most obnoxious part of it was me getting in the way of the same employee who appeared to be unintentionally following me through every aisle of the office section and then the school supply section, stocking materials.

All was well and good but at this point I decided I deserved a Frappuccino so I spent about 3 rounds driving around looking for the Starbucks. When I finally found it I had to wait 5 minutes in the drive-through behind one person, wondering if I had time to get a cone of shame and get home in time for the next thing.

Made it to the pet store. Bought purple cone of shame.

Got home. Crappy cardboard grip on a 24-pack of generic diet pop broke in the garage and one of the cans exploded so I took it outside and removed the offending can.

A few minutes later I picked up the whole pack in both arms to bring it inside the house. Guess what happened… Yeah, the other end of the cardboard package ripped open and all the cans went sprawling across the floor. One can ripped wide open and one or two others started spraying soda everywhere.

photo (6)

It’s a pop-splosion!

A few minutes later a guy we hired came to give us a quote on repainting the house trim. We want white but of course that would take two coats to cover up the sea-foam green and cost twice as much. What other colors go well on a light yellow house? Surely not sea-foam green. :p

Off to Loki’s vet appointment. It turns out he had a hot spot which is pretty common among dogs. They get some kind of moisture building up that causes irritation and they try to alleviate it. The vet shaved and cleaned him up a bit before sending him home with a better cone of shame and 3 medications.

photo (5)

Poor little guy. All he wants to do is chew on his butt.

I’m tired and I want junk food.

sounds like a pizza day lol. The title says it all 🙂

Mama Ames says:

First of all, those are the worst M&M’s ever. And I’m a fan of M&M. I couldn’t finish a pack of them. I felt like the company just gave me the finger. I’m sorry that you had a crappy day. Tomorrow will be better!

Awww I thought they weren’t bad. Then again I will happily eat anything labeled “cake batter”. My favorite kind of M&M’s will always be the regular and peanut kind, though.

Monday was the worst and I retaliated against myself with food, but things are getting better!

Hang in there. It’s one of those Mondays here too. I just inhaled grapes and am trying not to think of the big jar of M&Ms sitting on my counter.

I’m the same kind of WalMart snob 🙂

I don’t think I’d survive having M&M’s within arm’s reach. haha

Wal-Mart is pretty much banned from Seattle but you can find a few of them in some of the cities south of it which are around where I live. I’m more partial to Target but it’s not quite as cheap and I was looking for like 150 pocketed folder for cheap. Found ’em!

Tara Jane says:

Oh dear! That sounds like a disaster day. Loki looks very cute and funny in his cone! 🙂

Mike fixed it by taking me out for pho and froyo. I am now very full but feel better :p

cathyo says:

Well that was a day! I’m sure tomorrow will be better… It almost has to be!

It has been better since Monday! Kind of laid back but with some work getting done on small house upgrades.

I’m glad your pup is going to be okay!! We all have “off” days. Don’t let it get ya down!

Thanks, it’s been a better week since Monday with relaxing and some minor house upgrades. Loki will be living in an e-collar for a while but he’s doing ok.

What a day! Glad Loki will be just fine…what a cutie!

Loki’s got some cute and crazy going for him. He’s been a little bit of a pain trying to medicate him twice a day with 3 different meds but over time it’s gotten easier.

Sounds like a stressful day! I wanted to drop in and say hello! I am getting back to blogging soon and missed chatting with you!

Hi Alisa, it’s so good to hear from you! Yes, Monday was pretty stressful but luckily things smoothed out during the week. 🙂 I look forward to coming back to your blog! It’s been a long time and I thought you may have stopped. I’m so happy you’re back!

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