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{August 2, 2014}   A Week of Stuff Happening

Lots of different things happening this week and lots of pictures! I don’t have anything great to report on food because I had a bad week and I don’t really wanna talk about it atm. :/ Let’s talk about life and stuff.


photo (5)

Still looks like this except that he’s graduated to eating, chewing on bones, and not living in his giant fuzzy bed.


Island Family

My cousin came up from HI and we got to hang out with him Monday afternoon. It was good to get updates on how he’s doing and how the family is doing. We sat outside with some drinks, good conversation, and good food. My dad made sort ribs on the BBQ, my sis brought smoked salmon, and our cousin brought us baked Manapua from the islands.

photo (1)

Manapua is one of my favorite foods in the whole world.

photo (2)

photo (5)

Got some to take home

photo (3)

A lei for my mom

photo (4)

A lei for me


House Updates!

We’ve been making little changes here and there around the house. The last thing was the new bedroom set.

Before 1


After 1


This week we got roller shades, bedroom curtains, and trim paint. I’m especially excited about the trim paint!

Roller Shades

photo (23)

Without window coverings, these bad boys bring in a lot of afternoon heat.

photo (8)

Blackout roller shades

photo (9)

We liked the texture and lighter color of these shades because they go well with the wall color.

Bedroom Curtains

Before 2

Before we just had blinds

photo (10)

Basic curtains

photo (19)

Believe it or not, they do help block out more light than the blinds did.

House Trim


Before – The 90’s called and they want their sea foam green back.

photo (11)

After – Basic white to match the rest of the neighborhood.




Teachery Organization!

photo (7)

Folders and files! Files and folders!

photo (6)

Each student has a classroom binder with a folder for each subject area they qualify in – Math, Reading, Writing, Miscellaneous.


Leavenworth Drive!

Today we were unintentional storm chasers. We joined the car club for a drive over to Leavenworth. Despite 2 different iPhone app forecasts of clear and warm weather everywhere, we spent the day in rain. I understand that this is Washington State, but usually the forecast can at least get things vaguely correct. We started the day with the top off but as soon as we reached Redmond the rain decided to come down. Off and on all day. Top off. Top on. Top off. In Leavenworth we felt a few drops that soon became a 5-minute monsoon. We parked, panicked as the rain came pouring over us and the car interior, and eventually got the top back on after a mishap with the car key falling to the floor and going missing.

But hey, Leavenworth!

photo (18)


photo (12)

photo (14)

photo (15)


photo (16)

Mike’s plate

photo (17)

One of our group members is from Germany and this was his epic meal.

The End!

photo (24)

Our neighbor has honeybees and he just brought over some fresh honey for us. 🙂

*How was your week?

I love your new bedroom set – very nice!

Some fresh honey sounds delicious! 🙂

Thank you! The bedroom set is such a nice upgrade after almost 10 years of living on hand me downs. We moved all the old stuff into the guest bedroom, so even the guest bedroom has an automatic update from a messy room with an air mattress and random blankets to a clean room with an actual mattress, sheets, comforter, 2 night stands, and a dresser!

Mike’s meal looks the most German to me. I love spatzle but I’ve only ever seen and eaten it as a side dish. Is that cheese on top of the spatzle? How lucky you are to have a neighbour who raises bees. More people should consider owning beehives. Our bee populations are in danger and so will we be if we don’t fix this problem. Enjoy your honey! The summer is just flying by. I just realized that in 3 weeks I’ll be back at school getting my room ready for the kids.

Mike re-discovered his dislike for sauerkraut but he missed German potato salad. When he was in high school he had a German exchange student who stayed with his family and then he went and visited them a few years later. I’ve only had spatzle in Leavenworth and this one was a side dish with cheese. They had kasespatzle but I didn’t want a full meal of it because I wanted to share a small prezel with Mike.

Back when our neighbor informed us that he was going to be raising bees I was apprehensive because I have a bee phobia, but we don’t even notice them. Last year his bees did not do so well and this is the first year he was able to get some honey and so generously share it with us. I can’t believe how many flowers it takes for the bees to make those small 4 ounces!

I started getting my classroom ready the second I got hired but it’s only because I’m a little too excited and nervous and I want everything to be perfect. I think I’ll head back in there next week to put up some decorations. When does school start for you?

The kids start back the day after Labour Day which is Sept. 2 this year. That’s the earliest we start back. I like it when Labour Day is Sept. 7 (first Monday of the month) and we start back on the 8th.

The house looks beautiful! What a home ❤

Thank you! I love the house but we’re trying to make some updates because it has kept the majority of its 1990’s styling. Gold fixtures, kitchen cabinet colors, and that seafoam green trim. We were the only house in the cul de sac without a white trim. I think our neighbors will like the update, too!

What an amazing change a little paint made! That trim update was definitely worth the effort. Looks great!

haha We are too lazy to put any effort into our house. Our house upgrading efforts involve picking up the phone and being home at the scheduled time. The truth is that we are both so incredibly opposite of “handy” that we usually end up making things worse than better when we try to do things ourselves.

Love it! Wish I could convince my husband to just pick up the phone. Instead I get told that “we can do that ourselves” and yet it never gets done.

The house looks so different with the new trim!! Love it!!

Yay! Every time I see it I am much happier than the way it was before.

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