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{August 8, 2014}   Relaxing It Up

This Sunday!

How is your week going? It’s Friday! I’m anticipating Sunday as we’re going to dinner and a show.


Dinner at Urbane in Seattle


Sunday can’t get here soon enough

Weekly Happenings

Here’s something random – My husband found out that The Sims 2 and all 18 expansion packs were free with a special code last week so I got it and started creating houses instead of actually playing the game. Anyone else enjoy The Sims? I have The Sims 3 but no expansions so this was a fun way to binge-watch Being Human (U.K. version) on Netflix and build stuff. So far I’ve created a neighborhood for me and my loved ones. I’ve created my house, my parents’ house, and my sister’s house. Next will be my sister and brother-in-laws’ houses. Then maybe my best friend’s house. :p

photo (3)

My house, downstairs.

photo (4)

My house, upstairs. We spend a lot of our time in the media room in the upper right-hand corner.

While I wait I’ve been busy with school as usual. So many things to look into and think about before the school year starts. On Monday my mom went out with me to lunch to talk about school since she used to be a resource room teacher, too. We had a valuable conversation about how to start off the year and collaborating with other teachers, etc. I love being able to talk to my family about the profession we share in common. I also met the superintendent this week and even my dad knows him. This new school district is so personal and everyone seems to know everyone else, which I LOVE. It wasn’t like that in my former school district so I’m hoping to make some great personal connections. I already met one of the new 5th grade teachers at my school and we talked for a couple hours yesterday which was really cool. I’ve met a lot of people so far and every single one has been very friendly.

Oh yeah, so back to Monday. After chatting with my mom at Red Robin and intuitively eating Buffalo Clucks & Fries (yes, it’s sort of possible), I checked out the recently remodeled outlet shopping mall next door. The moment I saw a Loft Outlet I was sold. I bought a whole bunch of clothes including my favorite jeans! One pair of boot cut were only $13 but the skinny jeans were $35 which is still a good deal cheaper than a regular-priced pair of Loft jeans.

photo (2)

I fell in love with these crazy shorts!

Where was  I going with this? I keep getting distracted. The point is that I hadn’t gone clothes shopping in over a year, probably. I didn’t want to face the music that my size has increased. Well it has, but it’s not so bad. I’m up a size or two. Big deal, right? I used to be a size 18. I think I can deal with size 2. I gotta stop obsessing with being what I was when I was at my smallest. That probably wasn’t even healthy, anyway. I have a problem with trying to compete against myself to be smaller. Smaller. Smaller. It’s all self-competition for no reason other than to win against me.


Health Updates

Last time I posted I said I didn’t want to talk about how I’ve been doing on the health-front. That’s because I had a bad 4-5 days last week. I was ashamed and just didn’t know what to say that I haven’t already said in the past. I’m constantly trying different things. The effort is there and so are the results, but usually I break before making the amount of progress necessary.

Good news – The damage is already almost gone completely and the amount of bad days was only 4-5 which is less than usual.

Bad news – I didn’t log most of the foods I ate because I’d be mortified to share and the fact that it only took one month of “being good” to break me.

What caused it? Probably being too strict. The plan didn’t seem so strict because I could have a treat day once a week but everything else was too much – 1200 calories just doesn’t satisfy me, especially with daily exercise. I also was not sleeping well for a couple weeks in July.


August Goals

For August I created some basic goals and guidelines that are more relaxed. The idea is to decrease stress and obsessiveness because, starting August 19th, the shit’s gonna hit the fan as school gets into the swing of things.

  • Focus more on intuitive eating by eating what I really want until I’m full without worrying so much about all the little details like macros. No need for a treat day.
  • Continue to track food but don’t track until after eating, just to get an idea of how the day is going.
  • Drink around 80 ounces of water.
  • Exercise 5 days a week – This has mostly been a constant because I don’t have to fight myself to do Zumba or play racquetball with Mike. Both are so much fun!
  • No more weighing in every Saturday or graphing weight on paper. An occasional weigh-in is fine whenever but I’d like to try focusing more on how my clothes fit and taking body measurements every couple weeks.

There are a lot of items on this list but overall it’s pretty simple and not nearly as much thinking or planning as before. This week has been really good because of it, too! I feel like I can go out and get food and also eat whatever sounds good at home and still make progress.

Last night we came home from racquetball around 6pm to watch the Seahawks vs. Denver and Mike decided he was going to try a new recipe for caramel corn. He’s tried to make it from scratch twice before and it never turned out right. This recipe was amazing and also terribly unhealthy. Recipe: Caramel Popcorn.


photo (1)

We almost ate all of this!

At some point Mike said it was making him sick but that he couldn’t stop eating. I was in the same boat so I took the bowl and stored the rest in an airtight container. Yes, sugar is the devil and I am aware of my addiction! Paired with rum & diet soda that was dinner. Mike suggested making this stuff once a year but you know it’s gonna happen again in 2014.

*Have you played The Sims?

*Have you ever made caramel corn?

*Am I being too relaxed? Do you have any suggestions?

*Do you ever compete against yourself?

et cetera