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{August 18, 2014}   Rushing

There are so many things to talk about, none of them extremely interesting! Today was my first day back at work. It’s two weeks until school starts and, as a teacher in a new school district, I have lots of trainings. Every day this week consists of all-day trainings. Today was the new teacher evaluation system. Fun! The next two days will be district intro stuff mixed with benefits. Then more teacher evaluation stuff. Then special ed IEP system training. Then 3 days next week for more excitement!


Let’s go backwards in time. The weekend was pretty fun. I think I’m taking a last-ditch effort to get in some social time before I become too tired to get off the couch on the weekends. Saturday we spent a couple hours with my dad and my uncle at a Ford car show.


Lots of Mustangs at this show.

photo (1)

My dad’s classic truck.

All the food and drinks were free for everyone! Except ice cream. That was $1. Go figure. There was a lot of free kettle corn, polish dogs, hot dogs, chips, and soda. I had a couple diet 7UP’s but the kettle corn got me after a couple bites. Luckily I avoided the polish dogs because they were tempting and we were hosting a BBQ at 12:30!

We went home and met up with our friends who recently adopted the cutest little baby. Yes, the one I held the other weekend and pawned off onto someone else as quickly as possible. It was good to hang out with them and their little 7-week-old. We made burgers and ate chips and leftover kettle corn. Mike and I had a couple drinks and grazed on the chips for 5 hours a long time.

The next day I met up with my best friend, Kat. I’m so happy that she no longer works weekends and graveyard shift as she had since I was in college. Now we get to do normal people stuff together during the daytime! We went to see The Giver.


Before that we ate at Johnny Rocket’s. I’d never been there before but yeah, burgers and french fries. I ordered some sweet potato fries. After lunch Kat wanted a milkshake to sneak into the theater. My defenses were down so I joined and got a Black Forest shake. It was so good!

The movie was great, too. I think they did a very nice job with it. It’s not completely to the book but I figure that has something to do with satisfying audience members who didn’t read it. I was happy with it, regardless. We read it in 6th grade and were asked to re-write the ending, so I am open to some differences in the film.

The rest of the day I did not eat well. Monday morning was not the best time in the world.


Back to the present! Happy Monday, BTW. My gentle FitBit one alarm woke me up in the middle of a dream. Waking up during REM sleep always makes me feel extra tired even after plenty of sleep. Anyone else have that? I rolled groggily out of bed and what did I do for the first time in my life? Put on workout clothes.


Hi, Jackie! Long time no see!

Yep, 6:30 in the morning and I exercised. I’ve never done that before. On top of that, I STRENGTH TRAINED, which is something I haven’t done in probably 3 months. Legs and arms. Afterwards I was all wobbly. Everything was shaking getting into the shower and at training. Just leaning on my arms at the table during the lecture had me shaking.

I was feeling pretty food hung-over all day, but proud of the morning workout. It really wasn’t as problematic as expected! I thought I’d be way too sleepy but it went very smoothly aside from being somewhat all over the place. I was rushing to get started and rushing after it was over. On the way downstairs to begin the workout, I called to set up racquetball but they asked to put me on hold so I panicked and hung up. Ain’t nobody got time for that! Then I exercised and made the call again successfully.

Everything was a whirlwind because it’s been so long since the end of last year. Do I have my coffee? Did I give Loki his Kong treat? Did I remember the tablet? Did I remember my breakfast and lunch?

In all that rushing I briefly noticed my FitBit was not very secure on my left khaki pocket…

Then I got to the training and they had us driving to an unexpected other location at the last minute. I was glad I’d arrived early!

The training was very helpful. As of the last year or two, teachers have to bend over backwards about 50 times every year just to prove they deserve to keep their jobs. Yay!

…Back to the FitBit. You know where this is going. I am conditioned to notice it. And then not notice it. It was gone. I retraced my steps several times and then went back to the original building at lunch and retraced my steps, asking office managers if one had been dropped off. Nothing. It didn’t fall off at home, either.

All the rushing this morning! I knew it wasn’t secure and I didn’t take the 5 seconds to make sure it was on there.



This comes to the part where I say it’s ok. Maybe not living with a FitBit after a year and a half could be good for this technology-freak. I could go get a new one but maybe this will be a learning experience. No more waking up to a gentle vibrating no-noise alarm, though. That sucks a lot. Waking up to any kind of noise is way worse.

The thing about a pedometer is that I noticed today how I felt like nothing I did counted because I couldn’t see it in “steps”. I played an hour of racquetball with my husband today and my brain seems to think that all that exercise means nothing without the evidence. The truth is that my body knows more than anything.

I’ll still be using MFP and even the FitBit app because we have an Aria scale and you can still add body measurements among other things. Who knows? We will see how long I can go without any kind of pedometer. :p


*How was your Monday?

*Would you be bothered if you lost your pedometer?


cathyo says:

I love my fitbit. i’ve got the flex so wear it on my wrist. i feel naked if I take it off, which i rarely do. i must have missed the email that the battery was low because it died and i’m like you…i feel everything I did yesterday didn’t count since it didn’t show up in my steps! Your post reminded me to charge it, so it’s plugged in to my computer charging as I type now! how do you like the aria scale…i’ve looked at it online, but not sure it’s something I need…although the techie geek in me would love it!

Sometimes I think it would be great to have a Flex because then it can’t fall off. Plus it is pretty cool looking. My biggest concern is that there are times when I won’t want to wear it like if I wear a dress to work or want to wear a special bracelet instead. I am getting used to not counting steps but I can already tell that I’m not getting as many as I was when I was monitoring that data daily!

The Aria scale is great. It syncs with the FitBit app and keeps good data. You could totally love it if you love FitBit. It does body fat percetage, too. I can’t speak to the accuracy but it definitely can show progress over time with weight loss.

The longest I’ve lasted was 24 hours without getting a new FitBit. I’m a little hooked on the feedback now. 🙂 I totally understand what you mean about feeling like the steps are wasted without it!

I have been pretty hooked on the feedback, too. It’s been a challenge without it but I’m going to keep trying until I just can’t take it anymore. We’ll see how long that lasts. 😉

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